Monday, March 14, 2011

Tape Review - We're Together Again: 4 Way Split

Noise, Power Electronics, and Post-Industrial music seems to be on the rise around here, or possibly more prevalent to me as a show goer.  Earlier this month I attended an all-local noise show featuring mostly acts that I have not heard, yet alone seen live.  One of the performers hooked me up with a 4-Way split tape (Watergate Tapes) featuring a couple of the artists playing that night. This tape features artists:  I Make Babies Cry, Army of 2600, Trans Atlantic Rage, and el' diablos blancos.

I Make Babies Cry start the tape with standard fare harsh noise.  The single track, "15 Minutes In The Infirmary" is more of a linear style in song structure with an emphasis on the harsh.

Army of 2600 is one of the artists who played the night I got the tape, and also brings a single track to the split titled: "Omnipotent Planet Crusher".   Army of 2600 uses circuit bent Atari 2600 game consoles, a Nintendo, a Speak and Spell, and various beat and noise devises to create a mosaic of sounds that form into somewhat song structures.  It was really fun to see Army of 2600 live recognizing a lot the sound samples used from games I've played growing up.  This track here is more noise oriented, but still identifiable in the Army of 2600 style.

Side B starts off with 3 tracks from Trans Atlantic Rage who bring fourth more experimental slant to the table with samples of people talking/shouting over a cut and paste of noise samples, piano loops, break beats... and some hardcore band?  It's out there.

el' diablos bloncos finish up the tape with  8 tracks of his style of chopped beats, one being live.  el' diablos bloncos also played the show I attended, but played songs that had more of a pop structure when I saw him.  Lots of sample loops more prevalent here on the tape.  I would like to hear the songs he played live recorded.

Overall, I would say this tape is recommended for fans of noise/experimental only.  I feel that this comp is a nice introduction of the artists who played the show I attended, but lacks the raw power that only a live environment can provide.  The tapes are released via Watergate Tapes and can be purchased for $3, limited to 15.  Email: for more information.

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