Monday, January 5, 2015

Rant: Why represses will NEVER be listed as a year ending best album at CCHQ

     As you very well know, this is the time of year where every culture centered writer will post their "best of" lists for the previous year.   A lot of these opinions can be very insightful;  with the reviewers choices can often lead to surprises, and enlightening the reader towards something that may have been overlooked throughout the year.  Lets face it, with an over abundance of new music, movies, video games, books, etc. in this digital age it can be a daunting task to filter out all the bullshit to get to what is the cream of the crop.  Reviewers can take out a lot of that time wasted to find out what is good or bad, giving you much more time to play Call Of Duty death matches or post selfies on Instagram.  However, reviews are EXTREMELY subjective, especially here at the CCHQ.

     I can agree that most bullshit music outside of underground music has it's  time and place with most people, but this rant isnt about populous music, it is about underground music and how albums that would follow under the CLASSIC/ESSENTIAL category that got a squeaky clean repress is making year end best of lists is COMPLETE BULLSHIT!  I can explain it easily.  Punk, hardcore, metal, etc. (any genre or hobby rather), TIME tells what is classic and essential.  It is a proven fact that the s/t Negative Approach 7" is essential.  It is a proven fact that Poison Idea Pick Your King 7" is essential.  How do I know?  Because time has proven than even with technical studio advancements, and band playing more proficient, they still can't capture the essence of what the pioneers laid down as the groundwork.  Yes I have purchased quite a few of essential repressed records within the last year.  It's a good opportunity to save money and let the OG pressings have a rest.  HOWEVER, and I mean a huge HOWEVER...  that does not mean that CURRENT bands are not churning out music that is worth your time in checking out.  I find it a major slap in the face to the current band who are out there playing out, touring, being the trenches while a reviewer will choose a classic official repress for a year end list.  Mind you, I feel everyone has the right to their own opinion, but if the best you can do for a year end best of review is a repress of a classic album, you are a lazy asshole.  End rant.


p.s.  2014 year end list and winter scene report coming soon.  Cheers!