Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Classic hardcore revisited - Agression - Don't Be Mistaken

Agression - Don't Be Mistaken
BYO Records - 1983

I recently saw a band cover the song "No Mercy" from this album, so I felt that I should share the hardcore skate punk sounds from Oxnard, CA's very own Agression. Coming from a fertile scene that produced other notable bands: Ill Repute, Dr. Know, and RKL, Agression as well as other bands like JFA and soon later B'last! pioneered what would be called the skate punk sound. This is the bands debut lp after having songs on BYO comp Someone Got Thier Head Kicked In!, and by many is considered thier best material. Agression on this album play mostly mid-paced hardcore songs with good groove going into bursts of speed. On a few tracks, Agression pick up the pace a bit throught. Singer Mark Hickey's vocal style is quite unique and works well with this brand of hardcore. The production sounds great for an album released in 83', and the album cover picture is quite possibly one of the most bad ass photos ever. 14 tracks. Sadly two of the band members have passed away and in tribute of them the surviving band members released "Grind Kings" in 2006.

(Uploaded from my CD, some songs may skip, let me know)

Buy the album here on both CD and lp

Agression live in the early 80's Awesome crowd!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Modern classic hardcore revisited: Paintbox - Singing Shouting Crying

Paintbox - Singing Shouting Crying
HG: Fact Records - 1999

Here we have the first full-length Singing Shouting Crying by Japanese hardcore punk veterans Paintbox. This album is probably my favorite modern Japanese hardcore album. Guitarist Chelsea from the legendary Japanese hardcore band Deathside brings his trademark "burning spirits" playing style, but adds something new to the table with melodic pop-like song writing. Don't expect a blown out wall of noise sound here. This is one of the catchiest hardcore albums you will ever hear. Think ripping 80s hardcore mixed with Motorhead touches. Lots of speed, plenty of leads, lots of personality. This is truly a unique hardcore listening experience. The CD version release has good sound. Lyrics are shouted in Japanese, 15 tracks total. LP version is finally available in the US from PRANK Records with different artwork, and a new remix/remaster from the previous vinyl version, as well as lyric translations. PRANK Records also has vinyl version of Paintbox's 2nd lp titled Earth Ball Sports Tournament. Buy both!


CD version can be bought clicking here

US versions of both lp's available here

Paintbox live in Japan, 1999

Monday, December 22, 2008

Youth Of Today: Don Fury Demo

Youth Of Today - Don Fury Demo

Here is the full demo recording of songs that would later be on the Break Down The Walls (my fav. YOT material) lp. A few years ago in an interview with Porcell, he claimed that this demo didn't exist and all YOT recorded material was released. Makes me wonder what other recordings they are hiding from us fans. What will surface next?... the rumored Crucial Times 7"? This demo doesn't really sound much different than the session later used for the lp, but Ray's vocals arent as over the top. This era of YOT had a more raw sound, maybe that is why I like it so much. I love how many songs (15, two more than on the finished lp) are on the tape, it makes me wish bands today would do full length demos. Download this! GOOOOOOOOOO!


Youth Of Today live in CT, 1987

Friday, December 19, 2008

Modern classic hardcore revisited: Dead Stop - Done With You

Dead Stop - Done With You
Deranged Records - 2004

Dead Stop was a Belgian hardcore band heavily influenced by early 80's USHC. All tracks on this debut 12" ep has everything I love about hardcore: high energy, straight forward song writing, pissed shouted vocals, and hard breakdowns. The production is dead on for this style as well. Sadly, Dead Stop broke up A year or so later after releasing another 12" as well a s/t 7". I was lucky enough to see these guys in Minneapolis just before they broke up and they sounded just as good live. I will truly miss this band. This record is out of print, but you might be able to find it on small online distros.


For releases still in print click here

Footage from the final Dead Stop show live in Kontich, Belgium

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Classic hardcore revisited: Rollins Band - Life Time

Rollins Band - Life Time
Texas Hotel records - 1987

This is Henry Rollins 3rd release with Rollins Band and first full-length studio album since the implosion of the legendary Black Flag in 1986. To me this is the best material the band has done. On this album Rollins really finds his voice and he sounds fucking pissed. Expect to hear some of the most negative lyrics on this one. The style here is more along the lines of mid-paced hard rock/metal and a few slow burning blues styled songs. Rollins Band here is considered the "classic lineup"consisting of musicians from Greg Ginn's instrumental band Gone. Production was taken care of by old friend of Rollins, Ian Mackaye and everything sounds great. Recommended listening.


What Am I Doing Here? Promo video

Best of 08' teaser: Ability - Expired

Ability - Expired
Fineprint Records - 2008

One of my favorite 7"s of 08' came from LA area hardcore band Ability. Musically the songs have a strong BURN influence with a lot of groove. The production is pretty good on this 7" and the band has strong song writing skills. Vocalist has a unique voice reminiscent of HR. These guys are definitively doing their own thing and it sounds refreshing. I've noticed these guys never play out because they share members with more popular hc/crossover band Violation, but rumor has it that a 2nd 7" is in the works. Pressing limited to 553.


Click here to buy (very few copies feft, don't sleep on this)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Modern classic hardcore revisited: Tear It Up - Nothing To Nothing

Tear It Up - Nothing To Nothing
Dead Alive Records - 2002

Where to begin on this album? Tear It Up emerged in 2000 from the ashes of NJHC band Dead Nation. After a couple of split 7"s, a s/t 7", a split lp, and a debut lp, Tear It Up come up with what I confider one of the best hardcore releases in the early 2000's to date. Combining early 80's hardcore speed and anger along with Black Flag melodies and lyrics that are of the most negative content make this an album not for the meek. The albums 18 songs show a lot of variety from short, fast rippers to slow paced and intense. A true rager. Sadly, Dead Alive Records folded a few years ago and this album is currently out of print.

For albums still in print, check www.revhq.com

Teat It Up - live in Europe 2003

Friday, December 12, 2008

First post, more soon in early 09'

Expect reviews of my favorite albums of 2008, as well as some photos of shows in the greater Omaha metro area.