Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall Scene Report 2014

Fall Scene Report 2014


Hardcore/grind unit Powerslop will soon have the vinyl ready for sale of their new album Funky God via Nihilism Records. The band will also play two more record release shows in December.  In other Omaha news, Heavy rockers Feral Hands will be granted an opportunity to play support for NOLA sludge legends EYEHATEGOD, Nov. 17th at The Bourbon in Lincoln.  Also playing support for the show is the evil Vickers and Gordon Shumway. There is a new stoner metal band in town called Super Moon have been playing out who bring a strong dose of technical proficiency to their live show.  I can see them playing larger bar shows in the near future.  In final news, the local noise scene continues to put on a string of shows recently, featuring local acts Ruby Block, CBS, and Grabass.


Bent Life

Hardcore band Bent Life have recently filmed their first music video for an upcoming 2-song 7” titled Cheat Death released via Bad Teeth Recordings.  The band is also currently on tour playing a string of Midwest dates.  Also in Lincoln, the premiere leather daddy Plack Blague continues to play out seemingly every weekend, taking advantage to play shows for new audiences.  Plack Blague also has recently released a 7” Leather Band via Cubicle Records out of Los Angeles.

Crucial Changes News

Things have been a bit slow here at the CCHQ due to technical difficulties.  However, bugs are starting to get a bit straightened out, and things will be back to normal soon.  As mentioned recently, I finally have acquired a bed scanner, allowing me more creative freedom.  There will be a design shift in all forthcoming zines and other printing projects.  Expect a few photo updates in the near future as well.  That's it for now.  Peace!


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Blog update - Still alive

Even though things have been slow at the CCHQ, Crucial Changes the blog and all things related are still alive.  It's been a frustrating 6 weeks due technical setbacks that have prevented me from uploading photos and producing the fall zine.  I have temporarily solved the problems I've had uploading photos, but it will continue to be a problem unless I buy a new PC tower (a major purchace I don't want to make at the moment).  I however have acquired a bed scanner the does work, so now I'll be able to move forward with my new zine ideas and will be able to start working on them right away.  I still have a photo update from the Nebraska Hardcore Showcase that will be posted within the next few days, so be on the lookout for that.  Also,  expect a fall scene report posted friday, plus a fall zine update.  That's it for now, more updates soon.  Peace.