Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Best Of 2013

LPs  & 12"

Culo - My Life Sucks - Deranged Records
After a long, long delay, Culo's debut lp is finally released.  Fast USHC punk, no surprises just all good.  This record leaked a year and a half ago and made a lot of peoples 2012 year end list, but I waited.

No Sir, I Won't - The Door 12" - Framework Records
Coming off a great 7" from last year, Boston peace punk throwback band No Sir, I Won't continue their artistic and CRASS inspired sound taken to levels not heard for some time.  The spoken vocal parts can come off a bit akin to Jello Biafra, but the style works here.  Interesting and good.

Stoic Violence - s/t 12" - Katorga Works/Video Disease
Short yet powerful, this LA hardcore band brings 6 tracks for their debut  12" that is all fast.   A great live band too.


Altered Boys -  s/t 7" - Katorga Works
Lots of variety from this NJ  hardcore band with good mix of speeds, and plenty of mosh to spare.

Gas Rag - Human Rights - Beach Impediment Records
Modern old school hardcore from Chicago here.  The first tracks song structure and riffs are strong enough to carry this 7".    I want to see live.

Green Beret - The Cult Of State - Side Two Records
This Boston hardcore band is coming back strong off of their debut 12" last year to release a 7" that continues in the same direction.  Slightly modernized d-beat hardcore with a political edge lyrically.

Perdition  - 3rd 7" - Hardcore Survives
Total throwback early Discharge worship complete with minimalist lyrics and the same Cal vocal patterns.   Not reinventing the wheel, but played tried and true.

Replica - s/t 7" - Prank Records
Female fronted modern US hardcore from the Bay that features No Statik's drummer.  Powerful and good song writing, but I feel the vocals are way too high in the mix.

I bought a lot of tapes, but not gonna list ‘em.  Bite me.

Favorite Shows:

Chest Pain, Sick/Tired, Sea Of Shit @ Mousetrap in Chicago
The best show I attended this year.  Sea Of Shit brought the PV style hard that night.  Lots of people in attendance, good mosh, no bullshit, no drama.

Condominium @ West Wing
I have all their records, and they can pull it off live.  Super tight live.

Local Noise Scene @ Multiple Shows
So many local noise acts between Omaha and Lincoln now, and it’s good shit.

NE Hardcore Showcase 4 @ Sweatshop Gallery
Every band played great, no bullshit.  Sadly, shit music played between sets, and attendance way down this year.

Stoic Violence @ West Wing
Love the 12”, and fuck were they tight live.  I hope they come back next tour.  A great USHC band.