Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Local Demo Uploads

Nebraska bands Clean Sweep, The Cave Kids, and Velawsa Rapture all have brand new demos out right now. Free downloads so check them out. Contact the bands to buy.

Clean Sweep play a tried and true youth crew influenced style of hardcore. These kids are super young and always put on a fun show. Pretty good speed, descent mosh, shouted vocals, it's all here. A nice debut demo effort with pretty good production value. 5 tracks, no lyrics.

1. Chill Out
2. Better Days
3. Every Moment Counts
4. Close The Door
5. Grapes Of Fig

The Cave Kids play a deranged version of garage rock. Totally fuzzed out guitars and a quirky song writing approach make this demo a lot of fun to listen too as well as a fun band to see live. A pretty rough sounding demo, but it only adds to the style The Cave Kids are trying to capture. 7 tracks, no lyrics.

1. Bum Bum Bum Bum
2. I and U
3. Celibate Blues
4. David Doesnt Get Hip
5. Babies Come From/Who Cares
6. Rabid Sheep Brains
7. Lullaby

Velawsa Rapture - Demo

A drum and guitar duo, Velawsa Rapture play a heavy mix of grind, thrash, and Sabbath-esque riffs with plenty of hardcore rhythms throughout. Pretty heavy stuff and a fun/crushing band to see live. 9 tracks, no lyrics. Also available on cassette tape.

Side A (tapes)
(1) Crunchy Tune
(2) Dinosaurs for Days
(3) Of Mice and Keyboards
(4) Burrito Thrash
(5) Wreck the House

Side B (tapes)
(6) Saddam
(7) Who Invited Kron?
(8) Natures Miracle
(9) How to Talk Shit...