Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Scene Report 2014

Spring Scene Report 2014

Vickers in Omaha.

Like the weather the scene is taking a while to warm up for the spring months.

Here in Omaha, death metal trio Borealis have been playing out locally in support of new material recorded to tape.  The now-on-hiatus Pisswalker have recently received the test pressings for their split 7” with Brain Tumors from Minneapolis via Lagerville Records.  Heavy hitters Purgatory have been playing out.  While new punk band Box Blonde has played a couple of shows.  I would expect a demo out sometime soon.   Finally, a new d-beat group called WYYRM have posted 2 songs online with physical copies on cassette via Clarity Tapes out later.

In Lincoln, Bent Life have hit the road again touring the west coast, plus a stint through the upper Midwest before heading out to Belgium to play Ieperfest.  Metal acts Feeder Gainer and Vickers have been playing out, making frequent stops in Omaha.  Vickers have a new tape out soon recorded by the folks in Garoted available soon.  Vickers split with Kentucky metal outfit Funerary Box via Give Praise Records is still in the works.  Stay tuned…

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