Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project Update - Comp CD-R mockup #1

Hello.   I just got back from my weekend in NYC, and a have a nice surge of creative energy flowing through me.   I ended up seeing three really good hardcore shows and had a really good time overall.  Expect to read a full detailed travel story in the next few days.  However, I wanted to inform you on what has been going on here in the CCHQ since I've been back.  I have been really sluggish in getting my cd-r project up and running, but my short vacation has really helped me get back into creative form.  I have been working hard at designing the first mock up of the comp, and I must say that so far I am really pleased.  Let's take a closer look at what progress I have made so far:

 I wanted to continue the clean and simple design elements from my last zine cover into this project.  The image on the cover is the Nebraska state seal.

Here is the back featuring the track listings and the Crucial Changes Printing Press logo.  Bands featured on this compilation are:  Acid Mouth, Lockjaw, Mothra, and Zedldu.  All the design elements for the cover are pretty much done, with only a few details to adjust.  Final printings will be done on heavier stock.

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