Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Scene Report 2013

Fall Scene Report 2013

Summer sure did fly by this year, and here we are, already in October.   It seemed that this past season there was only a few hardcore shows, but the bands that toured into town this year were quite exceptional.  The summer ending Nebraska Hardcore Showcase was also a pretty good showing.  All the bands totally ripped, and this years event was at new venue and had a cookout all afternoon.  Since last scene report, there has been a steady stream of new local releases in the underground scene that are now available from the bands, and also via Nebraska DIY Storenvy.


Omaha hardcore masters Relentless Approach released a tour flexi earlier this summer featuring songs written collectively by the current lineup for the first time.  Staying in Omaha, hardcore punk outfit Pisswalker has been busy playing out throughout the summer, and have recently released their self-titled demo tape.  Pisswalker is also in the works of teaming up with Brain Tumors from Minneapolis to release a split 7” record later this year.  Staying in Omaha, the heavy metal riff lords of Feral Hands have recently released their debut 7” after releasing a tape earlier this year.  Grind freaks Powerslop have reported that a new lp will be released later this year via Nihilism Records.  Lastly, Omaha heavy hardcore bands Purgatory and Varmint have new recordings currently online that are worth checking out.


Out in Lincoln, black metal noize masters Vickers have released a new 7” a few months back that is still hot.  Pit riff extraordinaire hardcore bros of Bent Life have released their 7” Total Skull via 6131 Records, their second on label.  Also, Clarity Tapes has been busy releasing limited noize cassettes of local artists, will have a new split tape featuring Progress and Lincoln noize psycho Dirty Fur.

Show Pics - Various shows throughout the summer 2013

Friday, October 4, 2013