Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Show Pics - Chest Pain (TX), Sick/Tired, Sea Of Shit, Worn Out, Apocalypse Of Death - 3/9/13 @ Mousetrap (Chicago)

Chest Pain


Sea Of Shit

Worn Out

Apocalypse Of Death

Show Pics - Plack Blague, Yuppies, Astral Menace - 12/14/12 @ Barley St. Tavern

Plack Blague


Astral Menace


Show Pics - Bent Life, Byleth, Astral Menace - 1/6/13 @ West Wing

Bent Life


Astral Menace

Spring Scene Report 2013

Spring Scene Report 2013

Spring is here, and it’s still cold in Nebraska.  I’m just happy that winter is over.  I always get a great uplifting feeling around this time of year.  The winter months were a bit sluggish as far as bands touring to Nebraska to play shows, but the last few months we had a nice surge of all-local shows happening throughout Omaha.  Now that the weather is getting warmer and daylight hours longer, touring bands will eventually be looking into playing Omaha and Lincoln for shows in the summer.  However, here at the CCHQ, the focus is on the local scene exclusively.  Support the scene.  Pay to see the shows.  Nothing is free.

Last night I attended a show where Lincoln’s heaviest metal band Feeder//Gainer opened up a show with an impressive performance.  Since I've last seen them they have moved closer into finding a consistent sound, and the band played well rehearsed.  Feeder//Gainer have fully embraced a more straight forward sludge sound with a few grind elements to add a bit of variety.  Also playing was Purgatory who has a totally revamped lineup and are teetering on the verge of death metal sound wise.  The new songs sound evil as fuck, and are expected to be released  sometime later this year.  Other shows attended recently have really given the local scene a breath of fresh air with a new Omaha hardcore punk band Pisswalker playing their first show opening for the always awesome Brain Tumors from Minneapolis at a new(?) show/artspace in the Benson neighborhood called The Sweatshop, a space I'd love to see more shows happening.  Although Pisswalker only played four songs, the band played a tight and blistering set.  They draw a lot of influences from darker hardcore bands and a touch of grind (especially in the drumming), with all vocals shouted in Spanish.  I’m really excited to see what Pisswalker will come up with next.  Sister Kisser also played the show, and after hearing good things about the band via the late-night party scene shows that they normally play, I was excited to see that they were playing a punk show.  Sister Kisser play a unique blend of punk that verges on the edge of garage rock that features screamed female vocals.  Sister Kisser draws a lot of people outside of the hardcore punk scene making for a good draw.  Hopefully this summer they will play more hardcore and punk shows so I can see them more often.  Other local bands I have seen include Swamp Walk, Omaha’s finest 70’s hard rock/electric blues styled band who have been playing out for quite some time now and I finally got a chance to see them live at the newly remodeled The Waiting Room music venue in Benson.   I really don’t like going to this particular venue because it’s just a bit too large of a space for punk/underground shows.  I will say though that the sound system at The Waiting Room is loud as fuck.  Swamp Walk played a good set, but I’d love to see them on a smaller stage in a smaller venue or basement.  Local Omaha doom metal act Bruja opened the show, and although they are only a drum and guitar (plus vocalist) band, the booming sound of the venue brought the bands heaviness to a crushing level.  Bruja is a super under rated band, and I hope this performance will grab peoples attention.  In other scene news, Lincoln hardcore road warriors Bent Life will be entering the studio once again to record their second 7” for 6131 Records titled Full Skull due out later this summer.  Bent Life is always touring so check their website for all the bands updates.  In other Lincoln news, noize gods Plack Blague and Violator X have recently returned from a spring tour to Texas and back to play Sux by Suxwest 3, an avant-garde fest in Austin.   Both Raws and Shane from respective acts have been playing out in their black metal band Vickers.  Raws will also have an art showing in Omaha for March’s First Friday event featuring some of his cut-up art collages.  Back to Omaha, 2-man grinders Astral Menace have a new tape out titled Fuck Your Planet displaying their true grind core sound that is worth checking out.  They have been playing out quite a bit as well, so check them out if you get the chance.   In final news, Omaha's hardest working hardcore act Relentless Approach have just finished and released their newest video Somebody's Gotta Die, is promotion of their newest 7" Notorious Thugs.  Local shows are always popping up.  For all upcoming DIY shows in the greater Nebraska area, go to nebraskadiy.proboards.com and check often.

Here at the CCHQ, things will be a lot less hectic now that Chicago Zine Fest has come and gone.  This year’s zine fest, although I felt wasn't as strongly attended at last year’s event, we ended up selling out of everything we brought by the end of the day.  The second printing of the 14 band/25 track mix CD-r It Came From Nebraska will be available locally with the next issue of NUQ.  While in Chicago, Martin and I also hit up a local record store, some good eats, and a sick as fuck punk show.  Due to schedule restraints and prior commitments back in Omaha we had to drive back early only to hit a severe snowstorm only 50 miles outside of Omaha.  We were forced to camp out in the car overnight and drive into town the next morning after the snow had ceased and the interstate was cleared.  It only took us 14 hours to travel that last 50 miles, but we survived.  In other CCHQ news, Omaha graphic artist Taylor Smith has recently finished his second art zine Devils Blues #2, and features two panels of art done by  Eric Baughman.  This zine is extremely limited, so get in touch if you want a copy before the one-time printing is sold out.  Taylor has also started a new blog to feature his artwork that can be found at ihavethedevilsblues.blogspot.com.  Lastly, just a heads up that Crucial Changes is always on the lookout for creative people who are interested in having their zine printed (for free), as well as contributions to the blog.  All/any submissions are welcome.  You will receive full artistic credit, as well as a promise of no censorship and full ownership of your work.  Surprise me.  Get in touch.

See you around, peace.