Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Scene Report 2011 + blog update

Time for another seasonal scene report.  Here in Nebraska, the usual gradual slowing down in frequency of punk shows will begin.  However, things do continue to change and evolve regardless of the seasons usually positive (new bands playing out) and the negative (the passing of a local musician and artist), the scene continues.

As reported before Lincoln musician and artist Jeff Sayers passed away in early September, leaving a somber tone losing both a long time supporter of the underground Lincoln scene and one of the best bands Nebraska had to offer.  Half of Plack Blague continues on with a different, yet enjoyable sound that is more dance/beat oriented.  Also as reported recently; Lincoln mosh inducers, Bent Life have recently signed to Los Angeles hardcore label 6131 with plans of re-recording their current demo tape to be released as an upcoming 7".  In other Lincoln news, local hardcore label, Nihilism Records have recently released a new 7" by heavy hitters Diamonds R4 Eva titled I Get High is now available and ready for mass consumption.  Nebraska's most evil:  Vickers have been busy setting up upcoming shows in November in both Lincoln and Omaha with new material on the way.  Out of the ashes of the popular Hercules rises a new band called Powerslop that has a style more towards straight grind with artistic flourishes.  Powerslop will be hitting the road next month playing a Midwest tour.  Staying in Omaha, hometown blasters Hominoid have recently put together a new tape for their recent Midwest tour.  As of right now, no more tapes are available, but with luck more will be produced soon.  Local Omaha hardcore punk weirdos Gag Reflex have also recently recorded tracks for a demo that should be available any day now.  The young and loud Grimer from Omaha have recently leaked a video online of upcoming material that sounds promising.  In final news, Council Bluffs melodic hardcore shredders Ties have put on the finishing touches of their debut album after some setbacks.  I'm sure the amount of time and effort put into this recording will pay off.  Oh yeah, yours truly helped lay down some of the gang vocals.  Expect to see the new record out early 2012.

That's it for happenings in the local Nebraska underground scene.  If I have forgotten anyone or anything, just shoot me an email anytime and I'd be more than happy to report it.

Here in the Crucial Changes HQ, I have been slowing down the projects due to technical problems with my printer.  The Stranger Randy comic is being pushed back to be released by years end, with no other projects lined up till Spring of next year.  As reported recently, my latest zine Interview(s) made it into the top 10 selection of the November issue of Maximum Rockn'Roll, a gold star for sure.  Also in the CCHQ, I have recently bought a new 35mm camera but I've yet to get the film processed, but I'm hoping that it works out well enough to be used for future show pics.  Sometime within the next 8 weeks, tables for the Chicago Zine Fest go up and I do have plans in getting a half table to display my work.  The Zine Fest is in March, so during that time I will be busy reprinting past work as exclusives.  I'll have more news on that once it unfolds.  Until then, most of the updates will be photo oriented and I have already been planning my "Best Of" year end punk releases list.   That is it for now.  See ya in the pit.  Peace!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011