Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Record Review - Short Fast & Loud #24 10" Compilation

Short Fast & Loud celebrates 10 years of covering the underground grind, punk, and fastcore scene by releasing a 10" compilation record with it's current issue of the well known zine.  This compilation squeezes 21 bands within it's ten inches of diameter, giving a wide variety of straight up grind, fast blasting hardcore, and a couple of punk tracks giving something for everyone if you can handle the speed.  Another cool thing about this compilation is that it features bands older and newer, as well as plenty of international bands, and most of the material is exclusive.  This was a good idea to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the zine.  I also can't forget that locals Wasteoid has three new recordings featured on this record.

The mastering on this 10" was handled by Mammoth Studios, and they continue to maintain their high quality standard of sound.  Even with at least one live track, and a few bands who are known for a more blown out sound all sound pretty good.  The packaging is minimalist, yet effective in keeping prices low.  Has this zine always had a barcode?

The only tracks I'm going to single out for review are those by Wasteoid.  As mentioned in the past, these are the bands first recordings without guitar.  Wasteoid here sound way more heavier than before, with bass tones so low there is almost a drone effect.  Ross just get faster and more on point on the drums the longer Wasteoid carries on.  If these tracks were recorded live, I wouldn't be surprised because they sound just like how they do when I've seen them play out.   This is good.  I like the more organic sound and it can be a bit disappointing when fast bands can't bring the recorded sound to the stage.  The first two tracks are straight up fast, especially the second song; Multiple Personalities.  The third song (a M.O.D. cover) is for those who have a sense of humor.  Good stuff.  All three tracks can be heard at Wasteoid's Myspace.  I can only hope that these guys record more of their newer songs especially my favorite: The Beating (make it happen guys).

Here is the complete track listing of the record:

1. Voetsek - Stigmata
2. Coke Bust - Time Theft
3. Larm - Hippies
4. Seein' Red - Riot
5. Gride - Posledni Minuta - Kolaps
6. Conquest For Death - Short, Fat & Loud
7. Catheter - Death Merchant
8. Superbad - Counter Offer
9. Noisear - Fragile Existence 2
10. Total Fucking Destruction - Tony Hung Himself
11. Extortion - Decompose
12. Brutal Truth - What You Want
13. Lack Of Interest - On The Edge Of Clarity
14. Lahar - Greece
15. Torture Unit - Blinders
16. Pretty Little Flower - Obliteration Horizon
17. Slight Slappers - Stupid Is As Stupid Does
18. Brodys Militia - Drone Mob II
19. Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation - Wallow
20. Wasteoid - Ballad Of A Real Son Of A Bitch/Multiple Personalities/Short But Sweet
21. Street Pizza - Fuck You Pay Me!

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  1. keith you rule,once again,thanks for the glowing
    review and kind loving words.we are working ourselves into a frenzy,writing and fixing to record real soon,and you will get "the beating"
    you asked for!visit the wasteoid facebook page
    or the myspace page ,post pics and dirty messages
    crucial changes rocks your liver
    love always,