Friday, February 27, 2015

Quick Update - Not Attending Chicago Zine Fest 2015

Crucial Changes will not be attending Chicago Zine Fest this year.  The fest itself had trouble securing a location, and pushed back registrations two months later than previous years.  For some reason registrations went up on a Sunday, a day I was too busy with other things going on to bother to register a table.

Zine production as a whole has been put on hold until further notice.  Photo updates will be posted once I shoot and develop the remaining rolls that I have.  Scene Reports will also be reported once I feel fit to do so.  Other projects are in the works, with more details as they happen.  Peace.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Mid-Winter Update 2015

View from the CCHQ
We are approaching halfway through the winter and I felt I should share with the active readers of the blog just exactly has been going on behind the scenes of the CCHQ.  I've been waiting patiently for the official dates for this years Chicago Zine Fest to be announced, something that usually happens mid-December, yet there hasn't been a peep of info if the fest is even going to happen this year,  Because of this, I have put most creative projects on hold.  I recently purchased, as mentioned before, a bed scanner to allow me for the first time to create a true cut and paste zine.

Within the last six months, I have been lagging with quarterly scene reports with only a trickle of news through the grapevine about what bands have been doing creatively.  I also felt that the same 2-3 bands have been keeping things active and far as releasing recorded material and playing out of town.  However, shows have still been going on, albeit mostly in 21+ bars, with some still happening in the basements.  I do have some film of show pix to develop and share within this time that will be featured in an update per usual.

2014 Recap:  In this section I'm not gonna list all the albums and eps that make a year-end best of list.  I've had turntable problems and they have just recently been resolved leaving me in a position of catching up on everything I have bought within the last 4-6 months.  If you MUST know what they are ask me in an email or come over the CCHQ and listen to the records with me in person.  In other 2014 recap news, I feel like I went to more goth EDM shows than any other genres combined.  The icing on the cake was seeing Skinny Puppy early in the year down in Lawrence, KS who performed well beyond my expectations.

Moving Forward - What to expect in 2015:  Crucial Changes will forever be grounded in punk and hardcore.  That being said, content may continue to be sparse with musicians and those in the scene gravitating towards musical projects outside the limitations of the music and scene this blog is based on.  There has been an on-going young punk scene emerging within Omaha that I would like to cover once the bands get serious enough to release material.  I have recently seen talented and promising young bands live that I hope stick with what they are doing and become the torch carriers for the next wave.

Final Thoughts:   Do feel that Crucial Changes can do MORE to cover the local punk and hardcore scene?  Let me know.  If  your band doesn't reach the most tried and true fans of punk and hardcore in your community, how can you expect anyone else to know?  As always I commit myself to keeping Crucial Changes alive and continue to report and talk about bands within the underground scene that is ultimately ignored by the mainstream media outlets.  Any constructive criticism is welcomed.  Peace.