Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Poll - Favorite 2011 Release - Local Edition

Before I put up my best-of list from the 2011 year, I decided that I would ask the local scene what releases they thought were their favorites.  The poll is open to anyone from anywhere and you can choose multiple answers.  The poll closes in 11 days.  If there is an album that is not listed on the list, leave a comment of what underground releases from 2011 should be included.  I'll do a re-cap on the results once voting has ended.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Crucial Changes + editors update

Happy Birthday 3rd birthday Crucial Changes!  Yet another year has passed here at the CCHQ and needless to say that this was my most productive year as far as projects were concerned.  I was also was a year where I was able to take time to travel out to a couple out-of-state shows.  I guess I don't have much to say except that I'm not quitting even though the post counts have been waning in recent months.  Don't worry, I plan of getting a small photo update up within the next few weeks, and a much anticipated announcement about 

Chicago Zine Fest.  My printer is still acting weird, so I'm thinking about just buying a new one because they aren't that expensive.  I still have the Stranger Randy comic on hold until I find out if I am going to Chicago in March or not.  If I am, the comic will be pushed back to March.  If not, It will be ready first thing in January.  Also in the works I have been toying with the idea of a new MIX CD-R for 2012 with a recent creative surge within the scene of bands releasing new recorded material.  I have also been trying to design something for a 1 inch pin, but the art I've been submitting has been too pixelated, so that is kind of on the back burner until the holiday season and all that hubbub passes before I take another stab at designing the pin.  Currently I am rummaging through all the wax I bought this year thinking about my year end best-of list.  I have a really good idea about the LPs, but I have a tall stack of 7"s that I need to digest before I can come up with my complete list.  Also expect a few tapes to make the year-end list as well.  As for shows this late into autumn, most of the touring bands have been stopping down in Lincoln, while Omaha has been hosting local show/house parties.  This is fine, but a lot of these shows start at a time when I am sleeping.  That's it for now.  Expect a Chicago, year-end best of list, winter scene report, and a small photo update soon.  Peace!