Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Crucial Changes announcement... photozine!

Sometime early this year I decided that if I stuck with the blog and kept up with taking show photos I would make a zine of some sort at the end of the year. Throughout the year, I had the idea still on my mind and I decided that I wanted to make a photozine highlighting the local bands as well as all the interviews from the blog plus maybe a surprise here and there. I am happy to announce that there WILL indeed be a Crucial Changes photozine printed early 2010. The CCHQ has recently acquired a high output duplex laser printer during my time away from the internet last week allowing me to do the printing in-house. So far I have started the initial stages in creating the zine layout and plan to have most of it done by years end. Expect to see more updates on the project as they happen.

CCHQ needs your help in deciding the local Nebraska hardcore band makes the cover of the zine. I have set up a poll on the Nebraska DIY message board for everyone to vote. To vote, click HERE.

That is it for now. There is still a month left of the year to get in some great shows, as well as the regular CC content. Peace.


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