Thursday, November 26, 2009

Give Thanks

In 1984, Articles of Faith would go into the studio to record their seminal debut lp Give Thanks on Reflex Records. With Bob Mould from Husker Du at the helm of production duties, Articles Of Faith would expand on their Midwest meets DC sound to create one of the most unique hardcore lp's of the early 80's. Articles Of Faith formed in 1981 in Chicago releasing the excellent What We Want Is Free 7" in '82, followed by the Wait 7" the following year. The band would really up the ante by releasing a complex lp with songwriting that sounds years beyond what other hardcore bands were creating during the time. Give Thanks opens with the self titled track that is just straight up mind blowing. The dense dual leads throughout the record really create a unique listening experience without sacrificing the bands hardcore roots. Vocalist Vic Bondi's lyrics divulges cynically often articulated with anger an emotion without being preachy. As mentioned before, Bob Mould would twist the knobs on this record and he does a great job in capturing such bold song writing efforts with a great production. I can't recommend this album enough. Seminal Chicago hardcore. Articles would release another lp the following year before disbanding in 1985.

Download Give Thanks HERE

AoF Give Thanks promo video.

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