Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Zine update - Rough mock up of text pages

I decided that today I would put together a mock up of what I have finished for the zine so far. All the text is completely formatted to PDF and ready for print 100%. The ads are nearly finished and I should have those 100% the first week on January. As stated in the past, once all the photos for the year are processed, the final pages will be designed. The photo pages should be ready by the 2nd week of January. Proofreading and final designing can be ready as soon as the 3rd week of January. Here are some photos of my 1st mock up:

This is the cover in all it's glory. For fun, I put Omaha native Fred Astaire on the cover. I think his dancing skills really ad to the design! Be sure to vote for your your favorite local hardcore band to see who makes the actual cover if you haven't.

Here is a photo of some of the text of the zine as it will be printed. As you can see, there will be plenty to read once everything is finished. All the final design elements like page numbers and etc., will be added at the end.

This last photo is showing the exclusive Ghost House interview and an ad I designed for The Antiquarium.

This is the last Crucial Changes post for 2009. For new years eve, everyone should come out to The Hole to see this local hardcore show. Aside from the zine, CC will be doing the 2nd annual year end favorite hardcore releases, and possibly a surprise. Lots more content on the way, see ya next year! Peace.


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