Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Clean Sweep announces final show.

Aurora crew hardcore band Clean Sweep (aka Waiting For Change) have decided to break up after playing out for two years, and will have a final show later this week on Nov.14th. Clean Sweep recorded a demo earlier this year, plus a new split cd with pop-punkers Minkus from Omaha. I would like to hope that these kids will continue to play hardcore music. Here is the official word from the bands Myspace page:

We encourage anyone who is our friend or enjoyed us over the years to please come and see us off with a smile. Clean Sweep began in January of 2008, originally named Waiting for Change, making it almost two years of our lives. On our 2009 Hella-Weeners Tour Split, our inserts have a list of thank you's as follows: "Clean Sweep would like to thank: Parents, Friends, Family, Evan Ziska, Nick Miller, Greg Sallans, Sarah Vrana, Brad, Shannon, Justin Rodriguez, Matt Vicars, Moose, Joe, Cody, Mark, Mike, Ian, Nic, Kyra Sallans, Dylan, Dakotah Boeck, John Pinning, Corey Loveland, Tyler Conrad, Alex Kinnerk, Brock, Keith, Lucas@Black Heart Booking, Jeremy Shaeffer, Daybreak Photo and Design, Northeast Audio, WOW Coffeeshop, The Ghost House, Nerdcore House, Millhouse, Lardhouse, Minkus, ERA(rip), Hercules, Ghost Towns(rip), Thunderbolts, Hoof Hearted, Smartbomb, Energy, Punch, Red Handed, The Recession, Gumbi, Greenfields, Scut Farkus, Koizumi, High Dive, Dead Shred, Muridia, Nightwatch, Get Gnarly(rip), Labora Tori, Chuke, Take Charge, Reviver, Kevin Seconds, Off With Their Heads, Cave Kids, Kepi Ghoulie, No Harm Done, Bear Trap, POW, Opus Noir, Give To the Winds, More Than Conquerers, Falling to Grace and anyone who has ever bought a CD, watched us, or listened.


And no thanks to Timothy Ostdiek of Scottsbluff, NE. We hope you get what's coming to you

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