Tuesday, July 21, 2009

White Cross Reunion and Fascist 7" Download

Early 80's Richmond, VA hardcore band White Cross will be playing a reunion show Sept 12th in Richmond at The Triple. I've noticed that a lot of early 80's hardcore bands have been reuniting recently and playing some pretty big shows. Negative Approach, The Abused, and Antidote have reunited recently so it really doesn't surprise me that other bands would also try to get into the mix. I am kind of indifferent to all the reunion shows in general that has been going on recently in hardcore so I don't bother traveling so far to see them. I know a lot of younger hardcore fans get really excited to see a band live that they would have never imagined ever seeing, but I tend to feel that hardcore bands have their time and it's not the same seeing them playing a reunion show as it was when the band was originally going. For all the original fans however, I'm sure these reunion shows are a real treat. How do you feel about hardcore bands doing reunions? Leave a comment and let me know.


Since White Cross is doing a reunion soon, I felt it would be a good opportunity to upload and share the under rated 1982 7" titled Fascist. White Cross was around for only a short time. Along with the 7", White Cross would release an lp the following year called What's Going On? (both on Zero Degree Records) before disbanding not long after. The Fascist 7" displays White Cross' song writing at their most intense, thrashing out 8 songs in just over 5 minutes(!). The song writing is mostly full speed ahead here and only to come up for air on the shortest song breaks. There is even an anti straight edge song for all you party types. Members of White Cross would go on to play in GWAR and Unseen Force. The production of this 7" is pretty lo-fi due to the band playing live in the studio. The quality on my rip sucks, so that doesn't help much either (If anyone has a better sounding one, please get in touch). A pretty awesome record so check it out.

Download HERE

White Cross - Live in Richmond, VA 1983

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  1. WC is one of my top 3 hc bands. I own both of their records and the mystic comp and the deaf, dumb and blind cd, they are highly underrated, but, I am not excited to see this reunion show. I will be attending, but it will probably be horrible, it's stupid to see old dudes trying to do this shit again over 25 years later. It's not the same. there was a time and a place, and it's not now.