Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hominoid Demo Tape is here + local scene report

Omaha powerviolence trio Hominoid have 13 song demo tapes up for sale now. Limited quantities so don't sleep. Contact the band to get one.

High Dive from Lincoln are expected to have a demo out on Nihilism Records sometime in the near future, so be out on the lookout for that. High Dive also have a new MySpace, so add them.

Lincoln bad boys Wasteoid have hit the big time with a mini interview (and my 1st published photo) in the Journal Star's entertainment section. Wasteoid is also playing a string of awesome shows lined up with Master (7/28 @ Knickerbockers), Noisear (8/3 @ 12 Deep House), + more in Sept. Wasteoid also have new shirts recently printed, and they look really cool, BUY!

Nebraska DIY Fest will be happening soon at the end of July. Lots of different bands playing all afternoon for $15 dollars. Local bands: Minkus, Clean Sweep, Koizumi, Ties, The Cave Kids, and Thunderbolts are playing. for more info.

Hercules will be opening for the Terror, DB4D, This Is Hell show on August 3rd @ Sokol. I expect there to be a lot of hardcore kids at this one. Hercules is always touring, so catch them when they come near you.

August 22nd, Omaha screamo band Robots Don't Cry will be playing a formal final show @ The Mosaic. Hercules and In The Face Of War will be playing main support slots.

Go to to see all the hardcore show listings. That is it for now. More local news as it happens. Peace.


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  1. That was a nice little news package. Thanks for the links.