Thursday, July 2, 2009

10,000+ Views!

Crucial Changes eclipsed 10,000 page views a few nights ago and I would like to thank everyone who has supported the blog in any way. It has been really exciting to see how quickly page views from 5,000 to 10,000 happened. Soon I'll have a lot of new photos and new content to put up from hardcore shows I've attended in the last few weeks, so be patient it will be worth the wait.

Since last update, I've seen some pretty good shows. I traveled up to my old hometown of Minneapolis last month to catch Cult Ritual on tour, and it was a blast. I was really excited to drive up there so I left at 3:30am and drove through the thickest fog I've every experienced in recent memory. In all all it was a good trip and expect to see a full write up about the show once I get the pictures developed. As of late I have also been trying to see my favorite local hardcore bands, Wasteoid and Hominoid as often as I can, as well as making attempts to see unfamiliar bands. Noise weirdos Cock E.S.P. recently put on an interesting show last week, and the Bear Trap/Decades/Word For Word/Ignorance show was pretty fun as well. Expect to see all the show photos soon.

As far as upcoming shows, Hercules will be back in Lincoln for a special 4th of July tour comeback show with In The Face Of War. There is also some bigger hardcore shows including a fairly large fest at the end of the month. Coke Bust will be playing Nebraska near the end of this month and I'm really excited to see them as well. For all the Nebraska hardcore show listings check the Nebraska Hardcore myspace page for all the upcoming events.

In other blog news, print hardcore fanzine Miles To Go from New York will be featuring a few of my photos of Cruel Hand for an interview in the upcoming 3rd issue. I'm pretty excited for that and I can't wait to see how it turns out.

That is all for now. Again, thanks for the 10,000+ views and all the support. More hardcore content is on the way. Any local contributions wanted and would be appreciated, get in touch.


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