Monday, July 27, 2009

DYS Reunion? Yes!... only one US date then Eurpoean tour.

Legendary "Boston Crew" hardcore band DYS have been talking about playing some reunion shows. The first and only appearance in the States will be used as a warm-up before setting out for a week in Europe. Offical show dates have yet to be released. It seems the hardcore reunion trend is still going strong. Who's next? Minor Threat? I can only wish, ha. Here's the scoop posted by DYS bassist Jonathan Anastas on the Livewire Records message board:

"Hello, It's Jonathan from DYS . We're locking down the last details. But, in a perfect world, here is what will happen:
DYS will reform for week in Europe this summer, give or take a day/two, with as many shows as MAD can get us. We'll do one warm-up show on the east coast in the US. Right before we fly. Probably unannounced, very low key, just to work it out in front of an audience. The line-up will be three original members, including Dave and I, filled out with other Boston peers from the era. We have started practicing/rehearsals the music, with more to come next week. We're in the process of developing the set list. For now, we're playing everything off both records, but will cut it down to whatever makes the most sense for a good show. Expect a choice cover or two as well. There are no hidden agendas here. Dave and I have remained in close contact over the years. Together, we've made decisions about the movies (American Hardcore, the Slapshot movie Dave narrates and I'm in, the Taang! Boston hardcore movie), things like merchandise and the band's catalog. We're proud of avoiding the infighting and trashing in public and we're proud of what the band did then and how it's remembered. There is no big payday in a week's worth of shows. It costs money to get everything rolling again, add the plane flights, etc. It's just about celebrating the music, the legacy and the friendship. All we want to do is put on a few good shows, add to the history a bit, and see. Honestly, from there, it's up to the audiences. If it goes well and there seems to be demand for a few US dates, we'll try to do that. Dave has kids and a job. I have a job. DYS won't become a full time thing. Hopefully, we'll do you all proud."

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