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Poison Idea - Demos 81-83

Poison Idea - Demos 81-83

Poison Idea is without a doubt one of the best hardcore bands of all time. Forming in 1980 in Portland, Oregon by vocalist Jerry A. and the late Tom Roberts (aka Pig Champion). Poison Idea would soon solidify a lineup with drummer Dean Johnson and bassist Glen Estes and would record what would become the legendary Pick Your King 7" (1983) with a fast and raw approach that had rarely been heard before. Soon after, Poison Idea would release the 12" titled Records Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes in 1984. Both records being released on local label Fatal Erection Records.

Between 1980 and the time Pick Your King was released, Poison Idea had recorded a handful of demo tapes. One of them being the kitchen demo, a raw rehearsal tape recorded live (I'm assuming in someones kitchen) in 1 take, and others that would be combined into a Demos 81-83 bootleg. Some of the tracks on the Demos 81-83 contain a few songs that would be re-recorded for the Poison Idea's next two records (Give It Up, A.A, Cold Comfort). The quality is obviously from a tape source due to the continuous hiss, however, all of the tracks are complete without any tape breaks. The playing itself on the tape is pretty good with high energy playing and fast speeds. The later tracks do sound much better sound wise than the earliest songs, but the overall power isn't compromised. Recommended for the completest Poison Idea fan.

Poison Idea would go on to record a lp (a personal favorite) on Pusmort Records titled Kings Of Punk (1986)with a different lineup on the rhythm section. Poison Idea would close off the 80's with a string of 7"s (and another rhythm lineup change) before releasing the lp War All The Time (1987), an album considered to be a misstep by the band. Poison Idea would regroup in 1990, and come back with a mammoth of an lp, but that will have to wait for another post...

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Poison Idea - On Public Access TV - 1982

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