Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Modern Classic Hardcore Revisited - Striking Distance - March To Your Grave

Striking Distance - March To Your Grave
Youngblood Records - 2002

Striking Distance were quite possibly the best DC hardcore band in the last 15 years, maybe longer. After releasing a s/t 7" on Vicious Circle Records in 2000, Striking Distance went into the studio in '02 to record March To Your Grave lp released on Youngblood Records. Striking Distance played a modern version of the tried and true style of hardcore. Although not the fastest band by any means, the song writing involved in the songs are done really well. Lots of variety on this lp with good speed, good mosh, and even a tribute to the late, great Link Wray. Striking Distance's lyrics were always among the best in the most angry and pissed off style. Vocalist Dave Byrd's performance is always top notch, both and record and live. March To Your Grave truly stands as one of the best hardcore releases of the early 2000's era. Striking Distance would go on later to release a good 7" titled The Fuse Is Lit on Bridge 9 Records in 2002, and breaking up soon after. Members of the band would go to play in notable bands Set To Explode and Cloak/Dagger, bands worth looking into as well. In 2007, Striking Distance would reunite to play Youngblood Fest. Also available on Reflections Records in Europe is an official re-release of Striking Distance's first 7" as well as early demo recordings packaged in a nice looking cd with a paper sleeve. March To Your Grave is currently out of print, so here is your chance to check out this record. Recommended hardcore.


Download the lp HERE

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Striking Distance - Fail Me - Promo Video

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