Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Demo/Rare Upload Extravaganza # 2

Double Negative - Backwards Masking Tape (demo?)

These older guys can teach the younger crowd a thing or two about playing hardcore. Here is a rehearsal (demo?) tape recording from a couple years ago of songs that would later be on their excellent lp released in 2007. The void cover at the end is a nice addition as well. One of the best hardcore bands going these days, I've talked about these guys in the past, just download this already.

Download HERE

Nazi Dust - Demo Tape

Holy shit this rules. Nazi Dust are from Tampa, FL and contain members of Cult Ritual playing a more straight forward style. Plenty of speed and harsh vocals throughout, even a bit of breaks here and there. Awesome modern hardcore played well, don't sleep on this.

Download HERE

Time To Escape - Demo Tape

Hailing from Washington DC, Time To Escape pay tribute to early 80's hardcore and they play it well. A lot of great fast hardcore has been coming out of the VA/DC area within the last few years, and Time To Escape keeps the track record going strong. This is the only demo that I am aware of Time To Escape having. The sound quality is pretty damn good as well. If you love the early DC hardcore sound, check it out. Surely not to disappoint.

Download HERE

Nomos - Demo Tape

These NYC natives play a more rough approach to fast hardcore on this demo tape. Lots of double time drumming and breaks in a style of early Citizens Arrest. The bands name and song titles take cues from the ancient days of Greece, something a little different. This demo will be re-released on Deranged Records soon, so check it out when it's available.

Download HERE

Life's Halt - '97 Demo

Here is the demo of the short lived but influential Life's Halt, a hardcore band who would play a key role in the late 90's early 00's bandanna/skate thrash sound that was popular during the time. Life's Halt would go on to release the excellent We Sold Our Souls For Hardcore 7" on Youngblood Records in 1998 and two split releases with No Reply and What Happens Next? the following year. Life's Halt would break up soon after, but their influence was felt for a big resurgence in the style of hardcore they played for a few years after. 9(!) tracks of recommended hardcore.

Download HERE

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