Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5,000+ Views!

I just noticed the other day that Crucial Changes has eclipsed 5,000 views. Thanks to everyone who has checked out the blog, left comments, contributed in any way.

So far this spring I've attended quite a few shows, and have been having a good time. MDC last night was awesome, so expect the photos up from that show up soon. Summer is just around the corner and some pretty good shows are starting to come together. I also have some ideas in the near future for the blog that I hope work out. I have my next Local Spotlight planned out and I should start working on that within a week. I've also had a couple album uploads and some demos on my mind that I would like to get up soon. If you are in a band and have a demo that you would like to be uploaded to the blog shoot me an email: If it's something I like I will put it up. Again, thanks for the 5,000+ views.

Locals, I am looking for contributions to the blog. It can be anything hardcore related: album reviews, show reviews, show photos, rants/raves, anything. Get in touch if interested.

Also, Saturday May, 9th US Postal Service is doing a nation wide food drive. All you have to do is leave non-perishable food items near your mailbox before the mail carrier arrives. It's a simple way to help out families in need in the community. More info HERE.

Thanks for the support, more to come.

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