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Year end favorite hardcore relases of 2008

Happy new year everyone. As promised, here is a short year end review of some of my favorite hardcore releases of 2008. Hardcore wise, 08' was a descent year for hardcore with strong releases with popular bands like Blacklisted and Terror releasing solid full lengths, as well as records put out by currently hot bands Fucked Up, Ceremony, Trash Talk, Verse, and Cursed. Chances are you already have these albums so I will not review them. What I have here in my list are albums that went under the radar and are easily overlooked. Sadly, I didn't have the time or resources to compile a listing of every hardcore release I liked, so a lot of my favorite jams won't be listed. To me 2008 was the year of noise. Lots a great noisy, brutal, angry hardcore coming out of the underground. Also lots of solid straight edge hardcore still being made, as well as a strong, strong resurgence of power violence styles. Due to the time it's taking to blog this, I've decided to break it down into 3 categories: 7"s, lp's, and tapes, and possibly a classic re-releases category if I have the time. Fuck it, here's round 1.


Social Circkle - I've Got Afflictions 7"

This is prob my favorite 7" of 08'. Social Circkle pay tribute tried and true 80's styled hardcore a la The Freeze, and it's played well. This is a good continuation from their 1st 7" Static Eyes. Rockin' and catchy, but this time around it's faster! I love the clean guitar sound. I hope the lp will be a reality in 09'.

Recommended, so buy it!

Socialcide - Burn In Hell Bundy 7"

Virginia has been on a roll the last few years with its awesome 80s styled hardcore bands. Socialcide continue this current phenomenon. These kids are young, but they know the style well. This is the bands 1st official 7" after releasing a couple of demo's pressed to 7". Killer riffs, lots of breakdowns. Reminds me of early DYS, it rules. Band currently has an lp out as well that I have yet to buy.

Buy the record HERE

Episode - 7"

I do not know really anything about this band except that they are from the Nashville area. These dudes have a killer Japanese styled brand of hardcore. The vocalist is way over the top on this, it sounds so awesome. Lots of killer leads and feedback throughout. Self released, w/ hand screened sleeves, total DIY! You can DL the 7" on thier myspace HERE.

Reprobates - Stress 7"

This 7" sounds like it was recorded in the 80's. Production is pretty low-fi, but the music is fucking fast! Dual guitar attack really adds personality. Raw and awesome.

Don't sleep, order it HERE

Inmates - Now Were Talking Hardcore 7"

These Cleveland rippers bring fourth a speedy well played hardcore 7". The speeds are somewhat controlled, but the playing is top top notch. Awesome songwriting with lots of twisted riffs and wild vocals. Production is good, I can hear the bass. These guys aren't very nice and they prove it on this record. Recommended!

Buy this HERE

Double Negative - Raw Energy 7"

These old hardcore dudes released what is quite possibly my favorite hardcore lp of 07'. Double Negative take a lot of ques from Animosity era COC for style references. This 7" is way more raw than the lp. Recorded live through a single mic without any overdubs proves these guys live playing power. Packaging rules and doubles as a spray can stencil of the bands logo. Raw Energy indeed.

Buy it!

Wormeaters - In God We Thrust 7"

If Rev Paul Bearer sang for Antidote this is what you will have (not shitting you here). That should be reason enough for buying it. This is the demo pressed to vinyl, and have recently released a new 7" with better production values. Lyrics aren't afraid to cover social topics either, a nice surprise.

Records can be bought from bands Myspace HERE

Integrity - Walpurgisnacht 7"

As a long time Integrity fan, I had to review this one. To me Dwid has some full circle with the band and has returned to the Those Who Fear Tomorrow sound. I pre-ordered this 7" and it came with a make-your-own Dwid doll. Only 2 songs sadly. By the time you read this they will have played their only US show since 03' in Baltimore with Pulling Teeth. More material in the future? I can only hope.

Buy it here

Splitting Headache - The World Is My Aim 7"

Featuring vocalist and guitarist of Tear It Up you pretty know what to expect from this band. This is Splitting Headache's third release after a 7" and a great lp last year. Styles lean more towards west coast styled 80's hardcore/skate punk. Think Flag mixed with JFA. Dave sounds as pissed as ever.

Click here to buy

Cult Ritual - 7"s

Total noise in the guitar department here. I'm hearing all kinds of shit in there. These dudes sound a lot like Das Oath. Fast hardcore with lots of noisy twisted elements. Very limited (and expensive) pressing on these guys 7"s (3 total, 2 this year) and they went fast. Good shit. I've heard talks of an lp coming out in 09'?, so keep your eyes peeled for it.

Download all their material form the bands official blog HERE

So here you have some of my favorite hardcore 7"s of 2008, very very soon will be the lp list and shortly after the tapes. Support hardcore, and buy this shit.

Other blog news - My first local spotlight interview has been sent out, and I'm expecting to receive it back any day now, and local show photos will be up soon (I promise), as soon as I figure out how to get high-res scans of my photos. Yeah, shooting film can be a bitch, but it will be worth it when they are up. To those who actually read this, a big thank you for reading. Comment freely. More to come in 09'!

-Keith McX

* A special thank you to Tara for help with the picture*

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  1. Couldn't get ahold of all those 7" but I liked Reprobates - Stress 7" apart from that little I think japanese pv mistake they made on Abondoned City. Check out Massgrav - This War will be won by meat eaters, Punch, Hummingbird Of Death and Conga Fury 2008 releases as well!