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Favorite lp's of 08'

Just as promised, here is a small list of my favorite lp's that came out in 2008. I planned on getting this posted up last week, but my old computer died a painful death. I did lose a lot of my albums that I intended to upload, so be patient for me to re-upload classic hardcore from my collection. I think overall the 2008 had some pretty good releases, and a few great ones. This is just a brief list of the many album I did buy on 08', so if there is a band you'd like to see on this list, leave a comment and tell me all about it. If one of my reviews sparks an interest, there are links to sites where you can buy the album. Soon, I'll be reviewing the tapes I bought in 08' so be sure to check back for that as well as possibly a few surprises. Now the noise!


Blank Stare - s/t
Third Party Records

Blank Stare play fast hardcore that is played at borderline thrash speeds. Normally bands playing this fast can get pretty muddy in the mix, but Blank Stare keep it all held together pretty well. First song on the album is called Fuck Your Life, so you can guess what the lyrical content is like on this release. Good shit. I guess these guys play bigger fests in the summer, so definitely check them out if you get a chance. From what I've read in live reviews sounds really promising. Overall a good well-rounded, fast hardcore lp that doesn't go too far off into the deep end trying to be experimental or over the top.

Buy it!

Press Gang - s/t
Hardware Records

Press Gang are a punk band from Germany that play a really awesome KBD styled brand of punk/hardcore. Lots of clean guitars here with rock speeds and semi-sung gravely vocals and up beat energy. Everything is played really well and the mix is great allowing you to hear the good bass lines. I love this shit! They have an older 7" that is in my opinion just as good if not better than this lp. Also by the time you are reading this, the bands new 7" "Sexsatan" should be available to order. Lyrics are in English. Check this band out if you want to check out something a little different.

Recomended, so buy it HERE!

Mind Eraser - Conscious Unconscious
Clean Plate Records

Mind Eraser continue their high quality output with two releases in 08'. One being the newer 7" on Youngblood Records that pretty much continues the blasting styles they have been playing on the previous long players, and this... Conscious Unconscious. This lp is much slower than previous efforts. Only a few blasting parts smattered here and there, with LOTS of sloooooow/doom? styles. I guess I like it more than the 7" because the band is going into a different realm with this one. Only two song, one and each side. After only listening to side one I am completely exhausted (not a bad thing). Mind Eraser capture a crushing sound without having to go into metal territory. Vocalist Justin doesn't sound very happy at all on this and has the right voice/vocal style for this type of music. I have seen these guys live once, and they are the real deal. By the time you read this, Mind Eraser will have an interview printed in the current issue of MRR. Just buy it already.

Get it HERE

Sex/Vid - Communal Living
Dom America Records

This is Sex/Vid's first long player after a string of highly received 7"'s. Sex/Vid play what I would call a modern style of what Void was doing back in the early 80's. Lots of twisted guitars over fast hardcore with some breaks, and well as mid paced songs thrown in. I really like this bands vocal delivery. Production is what I would call on the lower end of the spectrum, but fits this bands style well. Lyrics are pretty sparse and are along the lines of religion themes. Pretty good release overall. Band also released a 7" in 08' called Nests that has a little more variation with a stoner jam on side B. I wish the lp wasn't so short, but knowing this bands output, I'm sure another release is just around the corner for 09'.

Buy this record!

Cloak/Dagger - We Are...
Grave Mistake Records

Technically speaking this album came out in 07', but didn't come out in vinyl format until later in 08'. Even though Cloak/Dagger feature members of popular hardcore bands from the early 00's, you wouldn't know it by listening to them. Cloak/Dagger play a rock/hardcore hybrid that is pretty unique. Clean guitars but with hardcore punk speeds give this band a lot of personalty. The lyrics are shouted with some strained singing here and there. If this band was going for a garage band sound, well they captured it with the production. Virginia is on a roll with its many great bands. My copy came with a super cool limited screen printed cover. Good stuff.

Buy it!

Annihilation Time - III Tales Of An Ancient Age
TeePee Records

Whoa! Annihilation Time keep going deeper and deeper back in time with this full blown 70's rock inspired lp. A lot of the songs clock in over the 3 minute mark, and have plenty of riffs and solos on this record that most bands have in their entire career. If this record came out in the 70's they would probably be doing large arenas. I want to hear this material live. A fun record.

Keep, on rockin' and buy it HERE!

GAUZE - s/t
PRANK Records

Japans longest running (30 years!), legendary hardcore band GAUZE release their 1st 12" since 1997, and well worth the wait. GAUZE seem to be getting faster with every release. This bands hardcore style is VERY RAW and fast. Not much variation just full on speed and wild vocals. Lyrics are in Japanese so I have no idea what the subject matter is about. If you know and love Japanese hardcore, you probably already have this record. If not, defiantly check it out.


Breathing Fire - Years Of Lead
Painkiller Records

Painkiller Records keep up with their super consistent releases and bring us the 1st lp by Breathing fire after releasing the bands demo tape some 4 or 5 years ago. Breathing Fire play a style that sounds like early Sabbath with blasts tossed in. Slow, heavy, with lots of good guitar riffs, then suddenly shift into over the top blasting hardcore. I think the mix of the styles work really well together. They also throw a curve do a gnarly cover of The Stooges classic "I Wanna Be Your Dog". Lots of pissed off shouted vocals round off this killer album. Not for the meek.

Buy the record HERE.

Right Idea - Our World
REACT! Records

Straight up 80's youth crew here right down to even the production. What I like about this album is that its played and produced in a style before youth crew was synonymous with name brand sports gear and fancy hair. Straight forward and fast, positive lyrics, awesome energy. Worth the wait. Lp may already be sold out, but a repress will be available soon in 09' in 7" format from Bottled Up Records. Check it out if you missed this the first time around, GO!
Buy this!

Common Cause - The Power To Change
Powered Records

Powered Records continue their awesome high quality output with Common Cause's first lp after releasing their 7" a couple years ago. These Norwegian dudes play total Youth Of Today worship that only Euro hardcore bands know how to. Don't expect a 3rd rate generic sound here, these dudes can play! The production is superb, and loud. The album packaging is also really cool with a 3-panel fold out lyric sheet with lots of tour photos playing live, goofing around and flashing crucial merch. Lyrics in English complete with Euro accent. Awesome record.

Check it out HERE

Total Abuse - s/t
Deranged Records

After a 7" release, Deranged Records dropped this insane album late in 08'. Total Abuse play a strange mix of early 80's hardcore with early grunge styles with super twisted elements. This is an extremely noisy record, with lots of feedback and vocals that range from talking, to bubbling over the top rage. The rhythms are all over the place on most of the songs but the band retains a lot of power. The lyrics are pretty fucked up and might be offensive for some. This band lives up to it's name.

Buy the record HERE

Socialcide - Unapproachable
Even Worse Records

Socialcide are one of my favorite bands going. These kids are really young yet know the 80's style done right. Lots of speed, lots of great mosh. Interesting topics in the lyrics ranging from drug abuse to edge posers (ha!). These guys are getting better with every new release. Recommended.

Don't Sleep, BUY IT!

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