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Hardcore tapes in 08'

It's always really exciting for me to see hardcore bands releasing demo tapes and cassette tape releases. Here is a brief list and review of some of my favorite hardcore cassette tape releases of 2008. Nearly all these tapes aren't available anymore, so I added links to the bands material for you to check out. If you like what you hear... buy their records.


Mentally Challenged - Regressor pt.1
Painkiller Records

This tape rules! Mentally Challenged play hardcore that reminds me of early 90's NYHC bands like Citizens Arrest, and Life's Blood topped off with some noisy guitar attack. The drummer in this band is exceptional, and the drum tracking sounds really full. The singer has a unique voice as well that really adds to the overall sound. Good mosh worthy music. The band is currently recording new songs, so keep your eyes and ears open.

Men's Interest - Demo
Painkiller Records

Painkiller likes to release demo tapes on the side, so I decided I'd check this band out. Men's Interest play a powerful blend of mid-paced and blasting hardcore. This is pretty much how demos should sound in my opinion, rough around the edges and raw. Not too over the top, but still enjoyable for the style.

Sound clip HERE

Coke Bust - Cycle Of Violence
08' Summer Tour Tape

Some of you who read this blog may already know of this band. This tape was a leftover from the summer tour, so I snagged one. Coke Bust are a straight edge band from DC, but play more WHN?/Scolastic Deth style blazing fast core, and they emphasise on the fast. The songs are all go, rarely pausing for breaks. Some of the lyric content is pretty in-your-face straight edge style, and I think it's cool considering that most of the bands who have lyrics like this tend to be 3rd rate bad Earth Crisis metal. Really cool band, cool tape. Limited to 200. Look for a new lp soon on Six Weeks Records available next month.

Never Healed - Live tape

Never Healed are a Bay Area hardcore band featuring ex-members of Yaphet Kotto and Knife Fight. The style is true to the mid-paced rock sound. One thing that stand out upon first listen is vocalist Casey's almost black metal styled vocals. They sound like he drinks Drano. For a live tape it sounds alright, and I was actually surprised that I was able to score this tape considering how popular the 12" was a year or two back. The packaging is quite unconventional... a Ziploc baggie. A cool collectible release very limited to only 53 tapes.
In more Never Healed news, Parts Unknown Records have released the 12" ep on cd format that also includes the two songs on the expectational split 7" that came out two years ago with Violent Minds. The cd also includes two new songs that will be featured on the next official release, as well as a killer cover of Integrity's No One. The new songs are faster as well. I'm really excited to get more of the new material.

Broken Patterns - Demo tape

Band features an ex-Knife Fight and Life's Halt member changing up styles big time, playing a 77' style, punk vein. They play the style pretty well. The band has newer material recorded and will soon be released as a 7" on Six Feet Under Records. From what I've heard from a band member is that the new material destroys the old stuff. I will definitely be on the lookout for it.

Pollution - Nasty DNA
self released full length tape

This is one of my favorite hardcore releases of 2008, any format: vinyl, cd or tape. These NYC dudes play a noisy brand of hardcore that remind me of old AmRep bands of the early 90's. The style/production is raw and harsh. Lots of really cool guitar work and shouted vocals with some reverb in it brings a different approach to the music. This is a total DIY full length tape release, something that is pretty rare these days. I bought this tape on a whim, and was a total surprise. I'd like to see these guys live. Limited to 100.

This rounds out my 08' tape reviews and recap of favorite hardcore releases for 2008. I wish I had time to do mini reviews of every good new release I bought this year. I hope these reviews show you that there is a thriving underground hardcore scene with lots of great new bands, releasing lots of great hardcore. In the future, I possibly might review hardcore releases as they come out throughout the year if I have the time. I might also throw in a couple of surprises. Thats it for a year passed, I'm really excited to find out what bands will have new releases in 2009. As always, comments are much appreciated.

Tomorrow I plan on uploading a some classic hardcore material for you readers to check out. Hopefully soon, another local spotlight interview, as well as more show photos.

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Until then, keep reading, and stay hardcore.

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