Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Demo Upload - HHIG - Medicine Of Thieves

I'm sure most of you know... before there was Tragedy, there was His Hero Is Gone. His Hero Is Gone played a super down tuned, dark, and heavy style of crust/hardcore with lots of blasting elements and lyrics of social commentary. The band that would eventually become heavily influential, releasing a high output of recordings in the relative short time they were together. Most of the bands material is still in print can can be bought from the Prank Records website. As far as I know, this is the only official demo recording that His Hero Is Gone made. The band had a different guitarist/vocalist during this time period, and was replaced by Yannick from Union Of Uranus soon after the demo's release. Even at the beginning of the bands existence, they had a good idea on how to play the style the band is well known for. An excellent demo with songs that were never re-recorded for any other releases. Some of the most punishing music ever written for any genre. Recommended for the completeist collector and first time listeners alike.

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