Friday, December 26, 2008

Modern classic hardcore revisited: Paintbox - Singing Shouting Crying

Paintbox - Singing Shouting Crying
HG: Fact Records - 1999

Here we have the first full-length Singing Shouting Crying by Japanese hardcore punk veterans Paintbox. This album is probably my favorite modern Japanese hardcore album. Guitarist Chelsea from the legendary Japanese hardcore band Deathside brings his trademark "burning spirits" playing style, but adds something new to the table with melodic pop-like song writing. Don't expect a blown out wall of noise sound here. This is one of the catchiest hardcore albums you will ever hear. Think ripping 80s hardcore mixed with Motorhead touches. Lots of speed, plenty of leads, lots of personality. This is truly a unique hardcore listening experience. The CD version release has good sound. Lyrics are shouted in Japanese, 15 tracks total. LP version is finally available in the US from PRANK Records with different artwork, and a new remix/remaster from the previous vinyl version, as well as lyric translations. PRANK Records also has vinyl version of Paintbox's 2nd lp titled Earth Ball Sports Tournament. Buy both!


CD version can be bought clicking here

US versions of both lp's available here

Paintbox live in Japan, 1999


  1. This record is absolutely incredible!!

    how many album covers versions are out?