Monday, December 15, 2008

Modern classic hardcore revisited: Tear It Up - Nothing To Nothing

Tear It Up - Nothing To Nothing
Dead Alive Records - 2002

Where to begin on this album? Tear It Up emerged in 2000 from the ashes of NJHC band Dead Nation. After a couple of split 7"s, a s/t 7", a split lp, and a debut lp, Tear It Up come up with what I confider one of the best hardcore releases in the early 2000's to date. Combining early 80's hardcore speed and anger along with Black Flag melodies and lyrics that are of the most negative content make this an album not for the meek. The albums 18 songs show a lot of variety from short, fast rippers to slow paced and intense. A true rager. Sadly, Dead Alive Records folded a few years ago and this album is currently out of print.

For albums still in print, check

Teat It Up - live in Europe 2003

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