Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Classic hardcore revisited: Rollins Band - Life Time

Rollins Band - Life Time
Texas Hotel records - 1987

This is Henry Rollins 3rd release with Rollins Band and first full-length studio album since the implosion of the legendary Black Flag in 1986. To me this is the best material the band has done. On this album Rollins really finds his voice and he sounds fucking pissed. Expect to hear some of the most negative lyrics on this one. The style here is more along the lines of mid-paced hard rock/metal and a few slow burning blues styled songs. Rollins Band here is considered the "classic lineup"consisting of musicians from Greg Ginn's instrumental band Gone. Production was taken care of by old friend of Rollins, Ian Mackaye and everything sounds great. Recommended listening.


What Am I Doing Here? Promo video

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