Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mid-winter scene report

If you are like me, you probably have some sort of a seasonal depression by now. Usually around this time of year Nebraska has a dip in the frequency of shows and for someone like me that allows for a lot of time to do my other, less exciting hobbies. I have had plenty of time to get my zines all printed up and get some extra gaming and reading in. However, nothing makes me feel better than checking out hardcore shows. Even though touring bands are playing elsewhere during this time of year, it doesn't mean that the scene dies. At the local level there are plenty of shows and a few bands have some freshly recorded material that is worth checking out.

Back in January, Omaha ska-punk youngsters Eastern Turkish released their 1st cd. I have yet to hear the recording, but they usually put on a tight show so I'm sure it's a good disc if you are into The Suicide Machines style of ska-punk. The spastic Flesh Eating Skin Disease (also from Omaha) have released their debut cd back in late December that is worth checking out. The new disc was recorded at Enamel Studios and it sounds great. Another Omaha band represent, The Cave Kids have a new cassette out currently that I am eager to pick up at their upcoming show on the 19th. Omaha road warriors, Hercules is currently putting the finishing touches of their new 7" titled Bring Me Power (via Nihilism Records). The record should be ready early March, just in time for their Canadian Tour.

Down the interstate in Lincoln, the almighty Wasteoid is getting ready to head west to California next month to play the UGZ Speed Trials at 924 Gilman with lots of killer bands. Any west coast blog readers who doesn't go to that fest is a fool. The Bros at Lincoln's Ghost House have a new hardcore punk band called Discourse that have started to play shows, so peep them. Lincoln's heaviest two-man band, Velawsa Rapture have been playing out more and still have some copies of their demo tape for everyone to check out. Total Lack Of Interest worship plus mosh. Shit rules.

The new Omaha all-ages punk venue, The Hole seems to be a success for far this year with what seems to be shows booked nearly every night. They also have a new Myspace page going now, so add them to get all the low down on all the shows they put on.

To see what shows are upcoming in Nebraska check the Nebraska Hardcore Myspace page.

For the Crucial Changes HQ, the zines have been moving. I will be at The Commons tomorrow to check out and shoot an all-local show with Lockjaw, Wearing Thin, Opus Noir, and Minkus on the bill. I'll have plenty of zines at the show so come by and say "hi" and pick one up. I also plan on stopping into The Hole on Monday to check out Nightwatch, Cordial Spew, and Ties play support for A Better Hope Foundation. Second pressing of This Is Nebraska Not Anywhere Else will be printed as soon after first pressing runs out and will be available via mail order, so be patient.

That's it for now, stay warm. Peace.

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