Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crucial Changes does NOT support social networking sites.

Crucial Changes was created with the idea of covering hardcore, period. Crucial Changes exists online as a way to communicate quickly and not as a means for personal gain. There are many different reasons why I will not upload any of my show photos on a social networking sites. If anyone likes a photograph that I have taken, I ask that you caption it with the blog address if you upload them. Crucial Changes does not shoot photos to boost internet personas. The last thing I want to do is plaster watermarks over every photo uploaded to the blog. Crucial Changes will also continue to remain ad free. Want to directly support Crucial Changes?... contribute to the blog.

I will be at the Signs Of Hope show Sunday, Feb. 14th at the new Hole with only a limited number of zines to sell. I will also be at the Manor on the 20th for a kick ass local show, again only with a limited number of zines. Lincoln don't worry, I'll be down sometime soon. Second printing and mail orders will be available soon and will be $4 ppd. The demand will determine how many copies second printing will be.

That's it for now. Comment freely. Email me if you have any zine questions. Peace.


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