Thursday, February 18, 2010

Letters to Crucial Changes

Getting actual letters in the mail in 2010 seems quite weird. In today's fast paced world, things are only getting faster with each new breakthrough in technology. Not only has cell phones and the internet with emails and social networking sites made it easier for people to communicate with one another, the personalization and the effort that once went into writing letters is lost. These kind of ways of personal communication can be broken down even further with texting and twits. When I got home from work today I was surprised to see that two readers sent me letters! I feel obligated to give a couple shoutouts:

It was cool meeting you at the Wasteoid show a couple weeks back, and I'm glad you like the zine. Your letter was a big surprise. There are always lots of shows always happening at the Ghost House in Lincoln worth checking out. Hope to catch you at one of them. Also, that wasn't me you saw at the basketball game.

Thanks for the letter and stickers! It was totally unexpected. Second printing of the zine hasn't been made yet, but I'll make an exception and send you out a zine tomorrow.

Letters from readers are greatly appreciated. Anyone who would like to write to the Crucial Changes HQ, shoot me an email to get the address.


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