Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Review of Adbusters - Issue #86 - The Virtual/Natural World + Reader comment request

The new Nov/Dec issue of the anti-consumerist, glossy publication brings up valid observations of the very thing that you are reading this blog from... the Internet. The entire issue is devoted to how many of Americans, as well as Chinese and Japanese are plugging into the Internet to build an alternate life and how it could potentially effect you in the natural world. I found it a very interesting issue and really brought up some questions about how we live our personal lives with so much revolving around Facebook/Myspace friends and cellphone/texting technologies that may prevent us from developing real personal connections in a person to person way. It is a very interesting issue and I would recommend checking it out. Here is a small snip-it of one of the articles of the magazine taken directly from the Adbusters online blog:

How’s your online life? Are you happily learning, creating, interconnecting … or is your digital existence growing flatter, duller and ever more predictable?
As physical reality crumbles, the bluish glow of the virtual realm beckons and humanity is presented with a Faustian temptation: to abandon our evolutionary home (it’s too damn hot, messy and boring anyway) and become psychic hives of activity in cyberspace.

Do you feel that the Internet has become too much of a factor into our interpersonal lives? Do you see it as a problem or becoming a problem in the future as more and more people are becoming more intertwined with their online identities? Let me know what you think and comment freely below.


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  1. What's lame about the internet is that people these days have basically nothing to talk about anymore, besides the internet.

    It used to be people talking to each other about things that are going on, now i've listened to and participated in many conversations where the entire thing is about something that someone saw/read/watched/heard/whatevered on the internet.

    People used to do zines. now they blog.