Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crucial Changes Picks #1: Re-presses and reissues

Here at the Crucial Changes HQ, we can appreciate a good, high quality "fan club" pressing of a classic or a hard to find hardcore releases. Before the Internet enabled us to download just about any old gem from the past instantly, fan club pressings of certain records were pretty much the only way to hear classic, hard to find releases without having to shell out a lot of money for the originals. However, recently I have noticed that some albums have been receiving official re-pressings and reissues for a low price. Some of the nicely done re-releases like the Turning Point and JUDGE discography lp's are perfect for the fans to get a chance to own the vinyl. There has also been some releases that are currently being re-pressed and available again aren't necessarily hard to get but are noteworthy. Dischord Records have fresh new represses of FUGAZI's back catalog that I would recommend checking out. Bridge 9 Records has stated they will be repressing fresh vinyl for Agnostic Front's classic debut lp Victim In Pain later this year. Also recently, Cold Sweat's debut lp, Severed Ties has been available again on vinyl. I've also heard in months past that Six Feet Under Records will be re-reissuing and re-releasing the modern classic Tear It Up - Nothing To Nothing lp. In some occasions, labels will go all out produce an insane package of an re-release, as seen with the epic Floor box set. As long as the quality is nicely done, classic album reissues are a great way to get into some great gems of the past. Here is a short list of some of Crucial Changes favorite official represses of classic that are currently available that I feel are gems from the past that are worth checking out.

Here is the Crucial Changes Picks #1: Represses and reissues:

KORO - 700 Club 7"

Sorry State Records have made this amazing 7" available to the masses with a nice remaster job and true to the original sleeve. Tight and fast early 80's hardcore from Knoxville, TN with songs that clock in under a minute. In my opinion, one of the best hardcore 7"s of all time. Buy it!

Citizen's Arrest - Colossus (discography) 2xlp

This is the official lp re-press from one of the best late 80's NY hardcore bands. Anti Goth Records goes well beyond the ordinary by not only re-releasing Citizen's Arrest descent but not classic Colossus lp, but also contains pretty much everything they recorded including their 1989 demo, the classic 7", compilation tracks, album, unreleased Red C cover (33 songs total!). Everything is on two lp's and comes in a nice gate-fold sleeve with original artwork and also comes with a poster and a booklet. Highly recommended!

F - You Are The EP/Mess You Up lp

One of the best Florida hardcore punk bands from the 80's get a remaster and repress job of their Mess You Up lp plus the amazing You Are The EP added as bonus tracks. Limited pressing to 333 copies.

Ill Repute - What Happens Next? lp

This is the 1st time this classic "Nardcore" lp has been repressed by Mystic Records and contains the the Land Of No Toilets ep as a bonus. The bass lines are insane and super fast. Early Cali hardcore at it's finest.

Zero Boys - Vicious Circle lp

One of the best early 80's Midwest hardcore punk lp's is available again and remastered via Secretly Canadian Records. Awesome mid paced punk not unlike The Ramones with great guitar riff and leads and awesome lyrics. Essential record for any genre. You need this.

What are some of your favorite hardcore or punk albums that have been repressed or reissued? Leave a comment and let me know what your picks are.



  1. Bridge nine is supposed to reprint agnostic front victim in pain and a839 records is doing ringworm - the promise on Halloween 09

  2. Vile - Solutions gatefold repress

  3. RORSCHACH 2xLP from reunion shows

    There is some vinyl left from each show.

    All colors are limited and numbered up to 150.
    Protestant and Remain Sedate in one gatefold package double LP.
    Both albums have been remixed and remastered.
    They are 180 gram audiophile quality vinyl with digital drop cards for both records


    Limited to one per person
    $25 plus Postage
    $4.50 Media Mail in the US
    $8.50 in Canada
    $15.00 Rest of World

    Paypal to

    Please specify the color you would like. Please note that if you receive an open copy, it was never played, it was opened to determine vinyl color only. A few boxes got mixed up.

    Thanks for everything.

  4. Mick, you are coming strong with that comment. Thanks for the info.