Monday, September 28, 2009

Cornfed Zine Issue #1 available now.

Local Omaha scenester Dann Ciembor has recently finished his debut hardcore fanzine titled Cornfed, and it's available now for everyone to check out. This half-page zine features interviews with local Omaha hardcore band Muridia (now broken up), local hardcore video producer extraordinaire (and overall nice guy) Kyle Benecke, and some dude who does a local hardcore blog. Cornfed also has two guest columns by Bostonian Claire B, who writes and maintains a vegan baking blog, and Lauren from Maryland who submits a well written gender issues article. Also within the zine is a few mini reviews of bands: Mad Minds, Brain Dump, Fraud, and a download link for the Integrity Off The Bat demo. The beginning of the zone... err I mean zine has a nice but poorly edited (yo man, hire me!) introduction and rant by Dann himself that he is well aware of, so just overlook that. Copies are very limited, email Dann if you would like to buy an issue.

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