Thursday, August 6, 2009

Photo updates postponed + other photo news

I broke my flash module (again) at a grindcore show that I attended last week, so there is going to be a gap in show photos for the next week or so. I bought the last module in Nebraska a few months ago so I had to order a new one online. I guess shooting with older gear kind of has it downfalls. It doesn't help that the modules for my flash are made of flimsy plastic. In a couple of weeks I think I'll be searching for a more sturdy flash. Until then I plan on doing a few written reviews of the shows I attend instead. Maybe it'll be a good change of pace to participate in a hardcore show out from behind the camera.

In other photography news, I bought a new Holga 120GFN to experiment with at shows and shooting in general (something that I really should be doing more of). This camera shoots 120mm medium format film, and due to its cheap construction it creates really cool images. The camera also has a built in flash, so no extra added expenses. I plan on using this camera for special photo shoots. More updates on this project as it happens.

That is it for now, and sorry for the inconvenience.


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