Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3 hardcore shows, one weekend, 3 show reviews

So you may know already that I broke my flash a week or so ago at a show and I haven't been able to take any show photos. It was pretty bad timing because there was hardcore shows three nights in a row this past weekend and I would have loved to take some photos of them. Two of the shows were a couple of local bands "final shows of the summer", and no one else took photos sadly. The part that I needed to have an operable camera did come in yesterday, so I'll be able to take photos once again and get the blog back on track. To make up for the missed photo opportunities, I've decided to give a written reviews for the Glue, local hc show at the 49'r, and the Forfeit show. Enjoy!


Friday, August 7th @ Ghost house - Dead Tread, Glue, High Dive (demo release show)

This was my 1st show of the year without a camera. I must say it was kind of odd for me at first, but I managed to have a good time even though I can't mosh. The (extremely hot) night started off with a fairly long wait to get the show started, but there was good conversations about late-era Black Flag and missile pops offered as cool treat, so I can't complain.

High Dive started the show off and mixed up their song list a little bit compared to when I normally see them. High Dive belted out their brand of heavy hardcore songs and played a couple (?) new songs that in my opinion is a sound that is heading in the right direction. A pretty solid set, even though the mosh wasn't as intense as previous shows. High Dive ended the set with a couple of classic Black Flag and Chain Of Strength covers.

Glue played next, a band featuring ex-members of the great Think I Care and Attitude respectfully. Being a long time Think I Care fan, I've had the Glue demo since it was originally released back in mid 07', so I pretty excited to see them play live. Glue however doesn't sound anything like Think I Care nor Attitude. Instead Glue brought a more simple stripped down brand of hardcore yet played tightly. It was was fun to sing along to the demo songs I knew the lyrics of plus getting all pumped from the killer DYS (More Than Fashion), Youth Of Today (Break Down The Walls), and Minor Threat (Out Of Step) cover tunes. These guys are touring machines, so try to check them out if they play near you. Good times.

Dead Tread played the final slot as a last minute add to the show and played their best set to date. I think the loose feel of the show really allowed them to just let go and have a good time playing their skate rock styled hardcore songs. Lots of energy and it was a pretty set to watch.

Saturday, August 8th @ The 49'r - The Matador, Ties, Recession

This show was a lot of fun. The 49'r is the local watering hole in my neighborhood just walking distance from the Crucial Changes HQ. They only throw hardcore shows on occasion so it was the first time I went to the bar in over 6 years. The place hadn't changed a bit.

Recession played first, and it was loud as hell. I think every time I see them they add a new amp stack. Recession are really up and coming with their stage show and performance, playing tighter with each show I see them play. Recession blasted out their super heavy Coalesce styled hardcore songs and played a brand new song that sounded really sweet with a crashing drum solo and shouted vocals. They sounded pretty good and the crowd response was nice as well.

Ties played next. I have known some of the guys in this band for over 10 years, and I finally got to see these guys play after being a band for nearly a year. Ties play an original and energetic mix of skate punk, Iron Maiden guitar shreds, and modern hardcore styled vocals. Ties received the best crowd reactions of the night, especially early on into the set. They were pretty fun to see finally and I wished I had a camera to take photos of them.

The Matador finished the night playing an early 00's styled metalcore. I recognized at least one of the guys in the band as older hardcore dudes that I used to see/play shows nearly 10 years ago. It good to see that some of them are still playing music. The Matador was easily the tightest band of the night, and their vocalist Tony really goes wild during the set. It was the 1st time I've seen them, and for the style of music they play, it was enjoyable. The crowd seemed to agree as well.

Overall this was a really fun show for me seeing lots of old acquaintances that I haven't seen a good while, and the atmosphere for the show was pretty chill.

Sunday, August 9th @ The Milhouse - Forfeit, Downpresser, Clean Sweep, Dead Shred

This was only the 2nd and sadly the last show at this house, but at least it went down as a pretty good show.

Dead Shred opened the show and had the basement pretty full for them. They played through their set quickly and announced that it was their last show of the summer. A descent set with good energy.

Clean Sweep played 2nd. I really like to root for these kids because they are the youngest hardcore band around. Clean Sweep played their old school youth crew inspired songs (plus an AFI cover) the tightest I have seen yet. Good stuff, lots of fun.

Downpresser from California played next and brought the mosh down hard. Loads of metal riffs and double bass throughout here. A pretty good band, just not my favorite style.

Forfeit from Syracuse, NY played last with their modern East Coast style of hardcore. Forfeit have played Nebraska before, and are better than ever. Everyone moshed really hard for these guys, causing some bruises and bloody noses. This really isn't my thing, but they were pretty good, and played tightly.

This was a pretty fun show to watch from my vantage point. Again, I wish I had my camera.

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