Thursday, August 20, 2009

Modern Classic Hardcore Revisited - Think I Care - the early years

I recently saw Glue live and knowing that the band had ex-members of Think I Care, I felt it would be a good opportunity to share their long out of print early 7"s. A few years before they were signed to hardcore label giant Bridge 9 Records, Think I care was blasting in basements across the New England area with their blend of Straight Ahead meets early Boston hardcore sound.

The band's first 7" being Draw The Lines. The songs are short, fast, and brutal but the production values are good and level. The 10 songs on this short player show some variety as well showing just the tip of the iceberg of the fury exhibited on later releases. Lots of great slow mosh here with what I'd say is medium fast blasting parts. The vocals are super pissed, something Think I Care will continue to use on every release in the future articulating awesome negative lyrics. A good debut.

Think I Care's 2nd 7" (self titled, Deadalive Records) shows Think I Care at their most harsh. With 8 songs in only 9 minutes, Think I Care blast through the songs at near grind/PV speeds, with a few songs mixing it up a little with straight up mosh on a couple tracks. The vocals are way over the top and brutal, and it fits perfectly with the music. Both recordings heavily recommended. Not for the meek.

Think I Care would slow it down a bit on continuing from the self titled lp and an excellent 10" titled Mongrel (Walk All Night Records) with more of a Celtic Frost/Sheer Terror vibe. Think I Care would eventually gain national recognition when they signed to Bridge 9 Records for 1 album World Asylum before disbanding in 2006.

Download both 7"s HERE

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Think I Care - Final Show


  1. those first 2 7"s were the best thing Think I Care did. Everythign else sounded real different.

  2. When the 1st lp came out I was initially let down because it's way slower than the 7"s. I think the style change worked pretty good though and I jam the s/t lp on the regular. Mosh worthy.