Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Still alive! Omaha Zine Fest recap + Chicago Zine Fest 2016 update.

Hello everyone.  How are you?  Crucial Changes continues to live regardless if blogging is cool or not.  Here we are alive and breathing.  Since last update, Omaha Zine Fest has happened, and in my opinion, the event was a huge success.  There were a lot of folk with tables that featured really a nice showing of zines, art, photography, and music.  It was a pleasure to meet all of the friends both new and old.  The Crucial Changes table was a success, moving the entire inventory that was brought.  THANK YOU(!) so much for your interest and support.  Putting on an event like so isn't easy, so mad respect to the folks who set up the event, you know who you are.  RESPECT!

Moving forward, the CCHQ has reprinted Crucial Changes #11 as well as the Kiwi's Kitchen vegan cookbook for the upcoming Chicago Zine Fest.  The current CCPP zine is expected to be ready by the  April 30th fest deadline.  More updates on the current project as they happen.  Cheers!


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