Monday, March 14, 2016

Late Winter 2016 Update - Omaha Zine Fest + Chicago Zine Fest + more!

Late Winter 2016 Update - Omaha Zine Fest + Chicago Zine Fest + more!

Photo courtesy of Kim Van Brunt 

What up world?  I’m just dropping by to let everyone know what has been happening here at the CCHQ.  The first ever Omaha Zine Fest happened this past weekend, and not surprisingly, the event was a smash hit!  All the folks involved in putting on the event did a fabulous job.  A big shout out to the staff at 1316 Jones for being so accommodating throughout the day.  Everything went really well at the Crucial Changes table, selling everything I brought with me.  It was a pleasure to meet new people, as well as all the folks I reconnected with whom I consider friends.  I have a good feeling that this is going to be a reoccurring event in the future.

Moving forward, the finalized list of the Chicago Zine Fest 2016 tablers has been released, and it appears that Crucial Changes will be near the buildings entry area.  A map hasn’t been released yet, and I haven’t been in the building that is hosting the event so I’m really excited to see exactly where my table will be in correlation of the buildings interior layout.  Expect reprints of Crucial Changes Winter 2015 zine, Kiwi’s Kitchen zine, plus the new Spring 2016 edition of Crucial Changes all to be featured at this years event.  I’ll post further updates regarding towards the preparation of the fest as they happen.

In other CCHQ news, there are some side projects in the works that will be released soon.  The main one being a tri-fold pamphlet for my local disc golf club OMDGA.  Disc golf has become a new found passion for me in the last couple of years, and the local disc golf club here in Omaha represents the sport and culture to a high degree.  Once completed, the pamphlet will be available in a few of the disc golf courses within the Omaha metro area.  More updates on this project as well as well as other side projects happening in the near future.

And finally, I want everyone to know that Crucial Changes has always been an open submission platform to express anything that is important to you.  Any original writing, photographs, etc. can be submitted for posting or print.  Crucial Changes will not censor any works, and full credit will be recognized.  That’s it for now.  Everyone have a great day.  Cheers!


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