Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Project Update - Stranger Randy Comic: first mockup + blog news

I spent a couple hours today working on what will be be my next print project:  The new (and final?) Stranger Randy comic by local Omaha artist John Crowley.  I originally wanted to have this project done by end of summer, but with all the work I have been doing lately with two comp. CD-R's and a zine already done this year, I didn't want to rush it.  Plus, I recently have had some last-minute ideas that I would like to incorporate into this project to give it a more personal touch from the artist John himself.  Today I finished the template layout of the interior pages.  Let's take a quick look at what I have done so far:

Here is a pic of how the interior pages will look like within the comic.  Each strip will have a double line border, and since this photo was taken, the page numbers have been added to the ready-to-print template.  Basically from this step, all I have to do is switch out the comic strips and page numbers and be ready to print.  Expect to see the finished interior pages finished and ready to print by the end of next week.  Everything it turning out really clean, and I'm really excited to finally be starting on this project.

For the cover, I have the idea of having John Crowley himself design, and possibly be done in color.  This part of the project is still in embryonic status, but I expect to have something to show within the next two weeks.  As always, expect the cover to be printed on card stock.  I want the first printing of this project to be a little bit more limited, so I'm thinking of doing 20 hand numbered pieces, with a second printing pending on how quickly they sell.

In other blog news expect a brand new Local Spotlight and a Fall Scene Report within the upcoming weeks. Also, I still have limited quantities of my 2nd mix cd-r for anyone who wants one.  Plus, I am willing to print one-off's of most of the Crucial Changes Printing Press back catalogue.  Click HERE for all the details.



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