Monday, October 17, 2011

Interview(s) - Top 10 Zine in Maximum Rock n' Roll #342

#342 Nov. 2011

Interview #2???

Six or so weeks ago I sent in my latest zine Interview(s) along with Mix CD-R II to be reviewed in MRR.  Usually I'm sent a free copy when something is reviewed, but nothing had come so I assumed that they have yet to get around to it.  Anyway, I also subscribe to the rag, and I just received my issue for November and to my surprise Interview(s) not only was reviewed but also made the Top 10 zine list for the month.  Although for some reason they thought the zine was called Interview #2 (?), and the comp. CD-R was intended to be reviewed separately, but fuck it!  I am very excited to see that I made the list.  Here is a pic I took of the review in MRR:

Shoot me an email if you would like a copy for $3ppd WORLDWIDE:

In other blog news; my printer has been acting up today, so the Stranger Randy comic may be pushed back a week or so than originally intended.  Expect a new mockup to be shown next update.

That's it for now.  PEACE!


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