Saturday, June 18, 2011

Project Updates - Interview Zine and 2nd Mix CD-R

First things first... Respect to the recent surgence of followers joining the Crucial Changes Army, thanks!  Second, there will be a big photo update next week, so check back often.  OK, and now back to official matters:  I have just produced the 2nd mock up for my interview zine, and things are really taking shape.  Let's take a quick look at what I have done since last update:

The cover in red. (Damn, I need a tan)
 I did some changes to the cover since last time, but most are too small to see in this photo.  I think this looks good in red, so maybe the final printing will be done in this color.  What do you think?

Intro page is about 90% finished.
I still need to add a few creative flourishes to this page to mimic the editors introduction page often found in glossy newsstand magazines.

A finished mock ad.
To really flesh out the appearance of a mainstream magazine, I have been spending most of my time recently creating mock ads that will appear in between the interviews.  Here is an example of a finished ad.

I briefly want to touch on the progress of my next comp CD-R.  So far I have three local Omaha bands submitting tracks for this new project.  Attn:  Local bands,  If you want in on this compilation, shoot me an email.  I'll have more about this project next zine update with a list of the bands.  Mix CD-R Vol.1 is nearly sold out.  Buy or die.  That is all for now.  I hope everyone is having a good summer so far, and I'll see you at the local shows.  Peace.


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