Thursday, June 9, 2011

Project Update - Interview Zine - First Mockup

Howdy.  I just wanted to drop in to share with everyone the progress of my newest zine project.  This current zine will contain mostly re-printed interviews that I have done for Crucial Changes in the last year and a half with a few photo spreads to break up all the text.  Sadly, I dropped the ball pretty big as of late with the local spotlights, so expect a couple print-only exclusives found only in this zine once it's finished.  Anyway, enough with the bullshitting, let's take a look at what progress I have made so far...

The cover
Here is a mockup of the cover.  As you can see it's a blatant rip off of Interview Magazine.  I originally did this as a joke just to quickly create a mock cover, but I think I'm going to flesh out this idea further for the finished zine.  The cover will also be printed on heavy cardstock.

Interview Text
 Here is an example of what the text pages will look like.  The main design idea here was to mimic the style seen in traditional cut-and-paste design in zines from years past.  Expect to see further experimentation with this design style in the future.

Photo Spread
Photo pages will also have a cut-and-paste look.  How you like that diamond plate background?  Designing zines in this fashion has been taking more time than I originally thought, but I think the end result will look pretty cool.

Back Cover
I threw this together very quickly just to flesh out the back cover.  The final design I'm sure will look similar in the end. 

There is still a lot of work to do, but as you can see, but things are coming together quite well.  Expect to see another update on this project along with the regular blog stuff soon.  Peace.


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