Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Zine update - Mock up #2 w/ picture layouts

I'm back with another update on the Crucial Changes photozine. All the photos are precessed from the 2009 year, and I'm really happy how the last batch turned out. For the last few days, I have been assembling the photo pages and getting more familiar with the book building process with PDF's. I'd say that I have about 1/3rd of the photo pages finished, and for fun I decided to make another zine mock up to see how the pictures will look printed. I put together a 22 page zine tonight, and I'm really happy with how things are looking so far. When this project is done, there is a possibility that the zine could be over 40 pages total. Check out the progress I've made so far:

Here I am at the Crucial Changes HQ working on the layout jammin' out to some Misfits.

Here is the cover of the zine again. This time for fun, I put native Nebraskan and golden era pro wrestler Gorgeous George on the cover. There is still time to vote for the local band that makes the actual cover.

Here is a sample layout of how the photo pages will look. I think by the time the final draft is ready, I'll make the photos smaller and put 4 pics on the page instead of 3. I also want to darken my background graphics a bit as well. Oops! I just realized that 2 of those photos are identical.

Here is a really cool 4-photo vertical shot page. I really like how this looks. The text on the opposite page is re-print of a local contributed show review.

Here is an experiment with medium format photos. I'd like to shrink them down a little so I can get 3 pics on the page. On the opposite is a re-print of my interview with Accidental Therapy.

That's it for now. My next zine update should be a 100% completed mock up, and soon after a finished, polished ready to buy photozine. Comment/question freely. Peace.



  1. Your office looks spiffy. I'm inspired.

  2. This looks sooo good. Sorry about spamming.

  3. Dude Birkir, good to see you are still alive. How's Iceland? Coming back to N. America soon? The office is really my apartment! When my zine is all done and finished, I'll send you the PDF so you can print your own copy. Cool? Cheers!


  4. Keith: I'll write you an email soon in response to the one you sent me. I've just been really busy. Big changes coming up that are being worked on day and night.
    I posted some news about your zine on the incredible B9er but no one took the bait. Children these days.