Saturday, January 9, 2010

Show Pics - 1st Show at The Hole w/ tons of locals + Review

Located in the basement of Convicted Skate Shop in downtown Omaha, The Hole held what I hope will be the first of many DIY punk shows. For the 1st show for the new all ages venue/skate spot, a great line up of various local bands ranging from punk, folk, and rock all came together to play a really impressive show with a large turnout. The show space features a very large floorspace that allows for bands and skating at the same time with still plenty of room to mosh up front. At the far end of is a one foot stage large enough for a 5 piece band complete with full soundboard and plenty of space for gear storage. The moshpit area is unique in that Donny at Convicted set up a projector on the wall to display viewings of the newest skate DVD's available for sale in the shop upstairs. The video of the night was an amazing new skate video with lots of fake blood and zombies. Everyone was watching the projection before the bands were playing and when the DVD ended everyone in the room cheered, ha! There is also a large fun box and a kick ramp off to the side to skate on while bands played. By the time the bands were starting to play, there was a fairly large turnout already filtering in. There was all kinds of kids at the show: kids with mohawks, skaters, and skankers alike showing up for the large, all-local lineup. All the bands played really well, and the sounds system sounded pretty good and loud. The show went on well into the small hours of the night and by the end, it appeared everyone had a good time. This was the perfect 1st show for this show space, and I'm excited to see more shows here in the future.


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